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Still trying to get my food balance right

I love graphs, I use a spreadsheet to track everything I eat as well as my weights and measurements and automatically generate them. I even use them for showing the food contents for meals I'm planning to eat. Ironically it's mostly pie charts as I don't eat pies any more!

These charts show how I'm trying to cut down on carbs, lose weight, improve muscle mass and improve my fibre intake (I reckon I was at about 10g a day before I started).

I find that trying to cut salt intake down is *really* difficult.

I plan to move the target balance more towards 25% each for protein and fats, 40% carbs and 10% fibre once I have built up enough muscle.

Because they are automatically generated, I can easily see what meals affect the balance. I find them a great help and am using my obsessive nature to my advantage.

If you're having fish today, you might not want to read the next part.

I'm thinking about buying some keto sticks to see if I'm reaching ketosis. My pee smells a bit like tuna which, apparently, can be a good sign (and happened when I went carb free last year). The sticks measure the ketones in your urine to see if your body is breaking down fat for energy. This is important for low carb diets. I drink around 4 litres of water a day and am having my blood tested in less than 2 weeks for type 2 diabetes. I don't have any pain and pee frequently, so I'm looking at the good signs, rather than the bad.

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You've got to love a colourful chart, FG, although my eyesight isn't good enough to read any of the writing! :o

I'm no expert, but I don't think you'll be reaching ketosis on 40% carbs, as that wouldn't even be considered low carb. My thinking is that you'd need percentages of 60% fat and 20% each of protein and carbs, to reach that state. You might like to have a look at this


Wishing you all the best! :)

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I am a member of ruled.me (As I'vce been on a really low carb diet before), but I also look at bodybuilding forums where they do intensive strength training (I'm currently using a 30lb resistance band for 20 minutes, 3 times a week and looking to increase to 35lbs in two weeks time). My job requires physical bursts of strength every 10 minutes or so (lifting and moving car and van tyres), but because I'm a driver most of my day is spent sitting. The smell is usually on days when I've cycled the 25 mile round trip to work and back (with a steep climb at the beginning of each run).

I think my legs are using glycose at the beginning and then I burn fat for the rest of the journey. I try to maintain a speed of 15mph (after the climb) and every five to ten minutes or so go for a 20mph burst for a few seconds. When I get to work or home I am drenched and it feels like I'm walking on a bouncy castle. I feel amazing and strong for the next hour and I've turned into a morning person. I don't eat before the exercise, only after (with a small carb meal), but take plenty of liquids (I carry a 2 kilo water bag plus my work stuff and tools for the bike). In six weeks of doing this twice a week my legs look like they belong on someone with a waistline 25% smaller than mine. My calves are huge and defined.

Iv'e never suffered with bingo wings and my collar size has only shrunk by an inch in 6 weeks. My moobs are no longer pointing at the floor. My head looks like it belongs on a thinner body too. All of my fat is around the belly which is why a small child recently asked his mum (to her great embarrassment and my amusement) "is that man pregnant?".

The keto sticks are the only way to be sure. Otherwise it's more liquids and another trip to the doctors in a month (when I can get an appointment) to check for a UTI.

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An inch smaller neck is a significant loss; another good sign.

If I was drinking 4l water per day, I would be peeing frequently and it would be almost clear like water.


Could you clarify for me FarmerGeddun, are the percentages in terms of weight, volume or calories? I think it must be weight because salt and fibre are included?




The chart is measured across 2 weeks. Every day fluctuates depending on what exercise I'm doing or have done. It is impossible to have variety and maintain a balance every single day.


In terms of energy, I make that 33% carbs, 21% protein, and 46% fat that you are moving your target to. How many calories are you having?

I get what you're saying about your glycogen usage for the uphill; a much higher proportion of your energy will be from the carbohydrate because the increased intensity will make it impossible to get enough oxygen to burn fat. However, it would have to be very high intensity to be using near 100% glycogen, as with heavy weight-training.

If you want to use more fat as your fuel, put the bike in a lower gear and take it easier going up the hill.


I live in the South Wales valleys so lots of my ride is some sort of a climb. My idea is to really push the strength required on the initial steep climb and then maintain a good rhythm for most of the rest, whilst periodically increasing my heart rate with the short bursts.

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Luckily I have about 5 minutes to warm up before the climbs, and at the moment I can't manage to push the final climb on my way home - my street - which is about a 1:3 to 1:4 over 150 yards. I live right at the top. I can just manage it in the lowest gear.


Really interesting thread. Do keep us posted on the keto sticks.

And good work, btw.


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