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Lost more than I thought πŸ˜†

Kirstyanne871 stone
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So I went to an appointment at the doctor's where I get weighed, my scales were saying I was 10 stone 13 lbs but when I stepped on the scales at the doctor's I was 10 stone 10lbs!!! Bought new scales (weight watcher ones) and sure as I was 10.10 πŸ˜€ only 10lbs to lose to reach my goal. Super happy. Was the boost I needed as I have had a few bad days last week. I have stayed the same this week. Need to get right into it this week..... Feeling determined.

Total lost... 18lbs

Method... Cutting calories

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Morning Kirstyanne87, how lovely to have lost more than you thought:) Keep that determination going and that 10lbs will be gone before you know it :)

Kirstyanne871 stone in reply to lucigret

Thank you Lucigret. It's only 3lbs but I was so happy to see those numbers on the scale. It has been a while since I was this weight.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Kirstyanne87

what do you mean 'only 3lbs', for somebody that losses so slowly, 1/4 lbs at a time if lucky - 3lbs is brilliant!!.


That's great news Kirstyanne87 very well done!

Kirstyanne871 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you so much.


Great progress, well done, time to treat yourself to s new (smaller!) summer dress? You'll be at target in no time 😊

Kirstyanne871 stone in reply to elliebath

Thank you. I got a shock when I went dress shopping last week. I'm usually a 14/16 dress size and size 12's were looking baggy 😁 just goes to show hard work pays off.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Kirstyanne87

That's fantastic, it's lovely buying smaller sizes isn't it? I still enjoy it even though I have been this size for nearly two years now.

But sizes do vary a lot, three years ago I was nearly 12st and size 14/ 16, now I am 9st 7 and mostly size 12 occasionally 10. We all have a different build regardless of weight... but you sound like you'll end up a perfect 10 well done 😊

Kirstyanne871 stone in reply to elliebath

Well done. The fact you have kept the weight off for 2 years is amazing. You hear how people lose it and then gain it all back on shortly after. So well done on that.

The idea of being a size 12 top and bottom for me was always my perfect image. I've always been bigger on top, my belly sticks out regardless of what I wear. I seem to lose all my weight from the back and my chest so I think that's why I'm fitting into the size 12 now.

My goal is to lose tummy fat which is proving harder than I thought, although the scale keeps going down my belly is staying put! 😣 That's the reason I am now aiming for the 10 stone mark. Once I get to there I will probably aim lower again. I stick to it better if I keep a realistic goal.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Kirstyanne87

Maintenance isn't a doddle but it is achievable . Have a look at the Maintainers Club posts ( in pinned posts ) and Im sure we will see you as a member very soon

That's brilliant news :)

A very nice surprise indeed, well done :)

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