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Plummeted motivation - my weight is not changing


My motivation just plummeted :(

I started my proper exercises and watching what I eat 27th of May, so over 3 weeks ago, soon it will be one month. And my weight... and fat percentage... and how tight are my pants... All stayed the same. My weight is jumping up and down, or rather around my starting weight. Is it not different from my starting point, or from Sept'16 (when I had short period of trying to change myself), and from numbers that I entered last year (March/April, with 53/54kg) when I tried to change myself.

I know it takes time, but... Maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe I should be VERY strict and forbid myself all food pleasures and sweat more (almost everyday) to have results I dream about? But how long could I survive with such army-like regime? Or maybe I should give up and just accept that my dream was just a dream and it is not achievable for me without sacrificing my life?

I want to comfort eat and dull my emotions with food, Nutella preferably, followed by tuna, cucumber, eggs, white bread with butter, whipped cream, cake, doughnuts, plate full of pasta with creamy sauce, flashed with Sangria, coffee liquor, and beer.

Damn, I am in bad place :( I need to find strength within myself to push myself from the bottom and to see the light of hope and faith again.

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Tell us what you are doing IgaT and maybe we can help. How much do you weigh? What is your calorie allowance - assuming calorie control is the main part of your regime. Personally I don't think exercise is necessary for weight loss - there are lots of people on here who have mobility issues and have still lost weight successfully.

Just re- reading your post... are you really only 54 kg? If so do you really need to lose weight? That's only seven stone. Can you clarify?

IgaT in reply to Trimmerteacher


Thank you for your response as I am on the edge of eating.

I am 152cm (5 feet), my BMI is in the top range of normal, but I am chabby (30% fat according to my home scale). NHS failed to give me my kcal allowence, as my BMI is <25. TDEE says 1,325. On my profile you can see my partialy planned meals and exercises. I am currently on 4th week of running (C25K plan).


I think you need to ease up on yourself, Iga. You're piling on so much pressure, that you're folding almost immediately!

Very strict meal planning and very low calories, but by mid morning, biscuits have already been eaten. You're expecting too much of yourself, too quickly and are defining yourself by a number!

You are within your healthy weight range, which is an enviable position to be in. You want to lose weight and lose fat and are expecting the same results as someone who has 5 stone to lose! It just isn't possible, without denying yourself all pleasures, or total starvation!

Why not embark on a healthy eating and exercise routine and relax? If weight loss/fat loss happens, look at it as the cherry on the cake, not the be-all-and-end-all. There are many of our maintainers, who have lost a few pounds, since starting to maintain, without a lot of heartache. You could be one of those happy people.

You are a wonderful person, at the size that you are, a few pounds either way, isn't going to change that fact. Be proud of who you are and chill! :) xx

IgaT in reply to moreless

Thank you moreless. I wanted to loose weight / loose fat / loose jeans size for my wedding that is next year. I tried to loose some of those love handles several times in the past 5 years. I never managed to find a way to stay on track. I generally eat quite healthy, but I struggle with being hungry all the time and need of eating every 2 hours or so. I started to crave cookies / biscuits when I decided to control myself and eat less to loose some fat. I was never skinny, but I used to exercise 3-4 hours per day. Then my health (knees) just got bad and couldn't do what I love. I didn't find activity that is easy for my health (knees, lady issues, sinuses, and few more) that I'd enjoy so much to overcome my laziness.

I know that many women dream about my weight, my BMI. I used to accept myself, but the dream of being more fit with less insulation stayed and the only way I could motivate myself and kick my ass to move was to stop accepting what I'm seeing in the mirror, to have a clear goal, so I could say myself I want THIS, so I will eat only 1 cookie, not the whole packet.

I don't know what to do, how to do, to finally reach my dream. For past 5 years I've lost approx 1.5kg, some of the fat "moved" from bottom to belly. For the padt 2 years I hiked a lot during the season, I did parts of C25K several times, but paused/stopped due to illnesses. I think I was eating much healthier and better than 3-4 years ago. I can only hope that it will change something in long run.

morelessAdministrator in reply to IgaT

Have you tried something like Pilates and yoga, which puts less stress on your body, but tones beautifully?

Have you tried cutting sugar completely? I know it sounds drastic, but it is possible and once you get over the initial few days, the cravings disappear and it's easier to have none, than to have a little.

By reducing your carbs and upping your natural fat, you'll be satiated and won't need to eat every 2 hours, which is a condition caused by too much sugar/carbohydrate. By removing that fuel, your body then has to use it's own fat stores.

There's a lot of information out there, that you could read, free of charge :)

IgaT in reply to moreless

I tried yoga, and I'm going back to it. Due to saving money for wedding, I'm exercising at home (with almighty youtube). I am doing running 3x per week, 1x yoga, try to do 1x hike (4-6 hours on Sat or Sun) - if not hike then 1x strength exercises (with FItnessBlender).

Once I tried to go cold turkey and stopped eating sugars. I was on very strict diet, as my doctor suggested that I may have problems with fungi in digestive system and to try this diet before we will do some tests. I survived 3 weeks, cravings didn't stop. I always was sweet tooth and 3 weeks without sugar didn't change it. After first 4 days it did got a little easier, but far from easy. That's why I'm trying to incorporate 1 or 2 small sweet treats during the day, within my calorie allowance. But the constant hunger is what kills me and I'm eating too much in the end of the day (healthy, like eggs, green salad with tomatoes, or nuts, but still too much).

I am trying to increase healthy fat consumption: flaxseed (every morning), olives, avocados, peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sometimes sesame seeds, chia seeds.

I may try to go back to an apple with peanut butter instead of smoothie for my morning snack, followed by veggie salad with egg, chicken, or tuna (no fruits).


Hi I have found this link informative to work out calories as well as what protein, fat & carbs

If you have windows 10 and app store there is a food diary where you input what you are eating and it works out your calories, fats,carbs & protein as well as other nutrients. It maybe what you are eating[ my body fat has gone from 37% to 27.7% since January. I eat low fat versions of what I like (tho got to check the sugars) but also when I cook from recipes I use 1/2 of the oil suggested in recipe.

Do you drink alcohol since that conatins a lot of calories?

IgaT in reply to RG07

I am using MyFitnessPal, which sounds like the same thing.

Congratulation on the fat loss!!! It sounds sooo amazing! How did you accomplish that?

Here is a nice photo regarding fat percentage:

I'd love to reach approx. 23-24%. I want to increase slowly my amount and quality of exercises. I think for the past 3 weeks I'm doing quite good on this field.

I was always told that the fat loss / the figure is made in the kitchen, not in the gym. That's why I am trying to do something about it, but I think I'm failing on this field. Don't know what to do not to feel hungry, thus eat less often and less in general.

I don't like greasy meals, so generally I tend to eat low-fat versions with only some exceptions. Are you going more into low-carb or low-fat?

I almost don't drink alcohol (in average maybe once a month), and even when I do I drink a little (e.g. half pint beer), or few (2-3) drinks of gin & tonic. This year I drank more maybe 3 times.

IgaT in reply to RG07

I've read the blog entry. Thank you loads for it! It is obvious, but amazing.

Train mean. Eat clean. Get lean.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm back to basics anf baby steps :)

Your advice was spot on for me, for my childlish mood, for the kid inside me. You put me back on my feet, as the toddler inside me started to be mad at everything and everyone.

Thank you <3

RG07Maintainer in reply to IgaT

HI I just upped my exercise- strength & aerobic- aerobic was mainly walking and slowly increased my speed- I found listening to playlist with a bit of heavy metal or fast songs got me walking faster without me realising it! Conversly I found I had to conciously pick up my pace when a slow song was playing!

I tended to stick to 1400 calories with the odd falling of the wagon (so to speak) but as long as it was less than the 1650 which was the lowest calorie range when I put my weight in the BMI calculator. If you stick to 1400 but still feel hungry look at that link since that does your maintenance calorific intake and if I remember correctly you knock off 250 calories off that one.

I eat plenty of carbs but wholemeal versions of bread, pasta, rice & couscous (75g for all of them apart from pasta which I have 100g), tend to go for reduced fat versions of most things. I tend to cook from scratch, I occassionally buy ready meals- mainly cos I find portions small and not filling!

Had you measured various parts of your body? since sometimes poeple don't loose weight but they do loose cm or inches around- mid upper arm,chest, waist, hips, mid thigh & calves which helps to motivate even if you're not loosing weight. I have had weeks when I have not lost weight or put it. Even if you are not following the NHS 12 week weight loss plan it does have useful tips about what to do if you plateau, eat out, alcohol etc Go to the NHS Choices website, living well page and the links there

Hope things improve- also a lot of people use the the MYFitness pal and find that really useful and I think from how they describe similar to what I am using

IgaT in reply to RG07


I've measured myself several times, last one was approx 2 months ago, but I don't feel any change in clothes. I measure myself very rarely as I know that the changes are slow, very slow.

I've read NHS 12 week plan, and now I'm going back to it.

Good tip with the music :) I'll try it next time.

I don't like most of the wholemeal version of food. I used to like the bread, but I cannot find any tasty one :(

I slowly increase exercises and I hope it will be enough and eventually take me to my goal.

RG07Maintainer in reply to IgaT

I find the seeded wholemeal version really nice and taste a lot better than plain wholemeal. Also there is a wheatgerm bread which looks white (Hovis I think) which I liked. Otherwise have you tried the 50:50 bread? I have not had them so cannot speak from experience but its got some wholemeal in but not as much as the wholemeal bread.

What you could try ius having a mix of your usual rice and pasta but add some wholegrain version maybe 75:25 ratio so the white version will dominate the flavour but you are getting some unrefined fibre?

IgaT in reply to RG07

I will search more for some seeded wholemeal bread.

Regarding pasta I think I will be just doing it from time to time. Quite okish is buckwheat pasta :)

I will be experimenting more (from time to time) ;)

Hello, I'm exactly the same as you! As long as being the same height. I must weigh slightly more than you as my bmi is just over healthy (26.4) :(

I did really well for 2 weeks but then nothing changed so I gave up! As I felt like I'd have to be in the military to get into the healthy weight range category and it just didn't seem physically possible. I think it's harder the closer you get. And it sounds like your a pretty decent weight! So don't beat yourself up to much 😊

I'm getting back on it as of tomorrow so maybe we can help each other. You don't sound like you need to lose a lot of weight and I only need to loose about 6-8 pounds! 😊

IgaT in reply to Kicksy1990

I don't need to loose much. I want to concentrate more on how I feel, how I look (meaning less fat, more muscles allowed).

It is get much more difficult closer to the end. I'd love to see 50-51kg on my scale, but what would make me even more happy is seeing my jeans to be too small, my shirt a little more loose, and my scale to tell me that my fat % is closer to 25 instead of over 30.

I will try to do NHS plan from week 1, but now with more awareness regarding fruits, and my lactose intolerance (last months if not weeks discovery - fortunatelly I can eat yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese). I still can't eat beans or lentils.

As week 1 was about fibres (so more veggies like potatoes, peas, less fruits) and proteins (more tofu, fish, cottage cheese, yoghurt, chicken, eggs). Well, I don't have kitchen scale to weigh my meals, so I'll need to be as accurate regarding how much from packet I took.

Kicksy1990 in reply to IgaT

I think for me it's what I eat and portion size. I think I'm eating the right stuff (minus the odd ice cream / cookie I guess but what's a life without the odd treat?!)

So maybe portion sizes too.

IgaT in reply to Kicksy1990

For me portion sizes AND amount of meals. Still trying to figure out what to eat to feel full longer. Not succeeding for now :(

Kicksy1990 in reply to IgaT

Me neither 🤔 problems I find are eating the salads aren't filling, and adding stuff that is defeats the point of the salads? Same with cutting out carbs as Ive tried that. And with breakfast eating the recommended Stuff makes me hungry by 10?!

IgaT in reply to Kicksy1990

Yeap, I think we are on the same path.

I am eating nice big breakfast at 7am: porridge oats on water with frozen forest berries (2 min in microwave), add plain (or sometimes Greek) yoghurt. I can't eat more, not enough space in stomach. But at 9.30-10am I feel hungry.

I used to eat sandwiches, but I didn't find tasty wholemeal bread or bread roll. Eating white bread (Giraffe Bread from Sainsbury's) or white flour bread roll seems like back to where I was. But those kept me full for quite long time.

Kicksy1990 in reply to IgaT

That breakfast sounds lovely I'll try that 😊

The best I've found is salads but with the already cooked bacon rashers thrown in there to bulk it out. I know that's not great but figured it was better than a carb filled lunch and it did actually help keep the hunger away.

I eat a lot of tried swapping that for cauliflower rice which was actually quite nice and much better for you 👍

IgaT in reply to Kicksy1990

After 7am breakfast and 10am smoothie, for last 2 weeks I was eating salad for lunch (at 12pm), usually with feta or mozzarella cheese, earlier with tuna in olive oil (from can, also to increase healthy fats). I think I'll change my salad proportions to have more tuna / cooked chicken / tofu (?) / eggs in 1 portion size (for salad it is 900mL lunch box).

And yes, and 2pm I am hungry (again!), so this week I was eating an apple, sometimes with few Brazil nuts (today cashew).

*as well as being the same height

MotwCoop1 stone

Don't give up! I'm struggling with what feels (and I've said it before) the slowest weight loss in the universe. I've been at it for 24 weeks and so far have managed 20lbs. I've gone weeks and weeks with no change, then slowly, slowly, slowly it's gone down.

I started couch to 5k in January and have run 2-3 times a week most weeks. I've counted calories, used my fitness pal and tried various other ways to keep on track.

The main problem is how utterly BORING it is! I decided to try hard not to be obsessed with losing weight. It was all I was thinking about and the frustration of not seeing the scales move was hideous. I just decided to eat smaller portions and make sensible choices. Ultimately it's hard, it's tedious and it feels as if it's going on forever!

But this morning I have finally moved into the ten stone range from a starting point of 12st 5lbs. It's taken me 5 weeks to get from 11st 2 lbs to here (10 st 13lbs, I'm 5' 7"). I've realised it might take me another 4 months to get to my goal but it'll take a whole lot longer if I give up!

You're not alone in this and the support of this forum is endless but no one can do it for you. The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. There's no magic formula unfortunately. Learn what works for you, understand your calorie intake - cheese is very, very high; move to tuna in spring water, (if you want healthy fat eat oily fish not tuna in sunflower oil), if you're hungry go to your salad veg - carrot sticks, every sticks's hard to overeat on those!

Look at each thing you're about to eat and ask yourself whether you want to eat that mouthful more than you want to lose weight...

The one certainty is that the only way to get to your goal is not to give up. You CAN do this. Good luck!

IgaT in reply to MotwCoop

I didn't give up. I started my day with 35min jog-walk (W4R2), followed by my hralthy breakfast. I had healthy snack (apple with peanut butter), and now I'm eating my lunch: veggy salad (spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, green olives, 2 eggs).

I also did twice (not in a row) 3 floors up&down, just to add some movement to my sitting work.

So: Dear Mr(s?) Fat, It was nice to meet you, this direction are doors. You can start walking that way. Goodbye"

Thank you everybody

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