I'm really struggling to find a decent calorie counter, the one that is on the 12 week plan I found no good I tried to find out how many calories where in a slice of bread, according to the calorie counter there where less calories in a, toasted & buttered slice of white bread than in a plain wholemeal slice (untoasted) and not a small difference a good 90 calories, so I don't really trust it, does any one know a really reliable one?


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3 Replies

  • You have to check the weights carefully, Rose. The calorie checker measures 100g of wholewheat bread, which is about 2.5 times the weight of the white bread slice :)

    I find Google to be a good calorie counter :)

  • Again thank you, but please don't call me Rose. Im not sure what was wrong with the tracker it did the exact same thing with toasted, buttered wholemeal compared to no buttered wholemeal. After checking non buttered white & wholemeal and buttered toasted white& wholemeal the tracker said white buttered was the lowest all same weight. very bizzare, but thanks for the advice I will give google a shot.

  • You might prefer the myfitnesspal app. You can set up your own regular foods and it stays in your My Foods section for easy reference thereafter. But as said by moreless , you need to compare calories gram for gram, depending on weight, as every slice of bread is different.

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