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First weigh in

Thank for the help jopo (not quite sure how to tag yet).

So I haven't manage to weigh myself today as this is my first weigh in and I didn't realise it existed, however last time I weighed myself I was:

Weight - 81.4kg (12st11lbs)


waist - 31.5Inch

Hips - 47.7 inch

My main goal is to be in the healthy BMI category which is between 8st 6lbs - 11st 6lbs but I think my goal atm is a weekly loss of at least 1-2 lbs or some measurement changes. I will see how it goes ive never done this before so after my first week I will gage the situation and have a better understanding of what I can do.

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Unfortunately, April1994Rose, this is the open forum and you need to be on the weigh-in thread, to be included in the stats :)

You'll find the link in Events, which is to the right of the HOME page, or right at the bottom of the HOME page, if using a mobile.

If you're using the HU app, you won't get access to this area, so I would advise that you use the full web page :)

See you over there :)

PS to tag someone, type @ then the person's name (make sure you spell it correctly), with no space and choose the name from the dropdown. If you can't see the dropdown, scroll down a little :)

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