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Starting again

I've just finished the 12-week course and I'm starting again. I have lost a bit of weight. I had just hit 11 stone for the first time ever and felt so ungainly. I am down to 10 stone 3 pounds today but I still show as over-weight. I'm giving it another go and aiming to get to 9 stone 11 pounds this time. Although really I think a bigger target would be better (losing one stone 11 pounds was suggested by NHS site).

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I think 11 pounds in 12 weeks is a terrific loss, mowl! WTG you! :)

It's OK to have long term plans, but short term goals are what keep you going, on a day-to-day basis. If you'd like extra support, why not join a weigh-in, the Daily Diary, or any of the challenges?

Wishing you all the best, as you continue your journey :)



I finished the 12week plan in May and though I have not restarted it I have maintained following it and still look at the advice it give but I also use it as suggestions to others depending on the queries- usually going out for a meal. I have found it really good- I have lost weight and found it simple to follow and hasn't really changed my life style too much, but it has made me think twice about crisps and alcohol- I have reduced both and increased my exercise level. I used to have just 1 slob day a week then gradually it became every day off was a slob day!


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