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Good Start!

So I seem to of missed the cut of for posting in the Monday Daily Diary so I want to write a post to share how I got on with my first day on my journey to a healthier and happier me!

I started off my day with a 268 Cal breakfast which was made up of Scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes on sesame seed Ryvita cracker! All washed down with a pint of water. It was a light breakfast but yet I felt satisfied and energised to start the day!

I then went for a swim at our local pool with my boyfriend who used to be in the army so he is really good at motivating me through exercise, making him the perfect partner to do activities with!

My lunch came to 436 Cals which is 16cals over what lunch should of been but I blame the Bagel I had as I couldn't get wholemeal ones. I had 1.5 boiled eggs mashed with 50g of low fat cream cheese, some chopped chives and 25g of smoked salmon all mashed in to make a spread for 1 bagel toasted. It was delicious and was very filling! Once again I washed the whole thing down with a pint of water!

Then the tough part came... I was called into work far earlier than expected meaning I couldn't go ahead with my planned dinner, so I took one of my M&S pasta dishes out from the freezer to have during my break. This pasta dish alone was 678cal so I only ate 452 cals of it as I worked out using my works scales. I also had a slice of water melon meaning my dinner came to 483 in total who new water melon had 33 cals in my slice (not me) Once again another pint of water was also consumed.

When I came home after my 8 hr shift I had a custard pot as a snack which was reduced fat meaning my snacks for the day came to 135!

My total calorie consumption today therefore was 1322! Which is 78 under the daily allowance for women! I never once felt hungry which was what I was afraid of. Also due to sale time fast approaching at my work I was really busy meaning I was constantly moving around and being active for 7/8 hours!

I can honestly say I feel hugely positive about this whole planning my meals thing and I am determined to make sure every day is like today!

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Congratulations on great first day!

Seems like you are doing great (way better than I am) with counting calories and you have great support. I think it will be one of great success stories :)

Keep up the good work!


Thank you! I think some people think I am mad and being up tight about the whole thing but I am find it calming to be in control of my diet.


I'd like to do that, but (a) it takes me ages to count and plan in detail, (b) I don't have kitchen scales to make percise portion sizes, and (c) I'm not very good at sticking to my plans (so what would good do counting every single calorie, and then eat sth at work with unknown kcal bomb - usually I guess or pick similar thing on MyFitnessPal, but it is far from precision).

So, I admire you and you are now my new good example ;)


Well done on your first day - however I have to ask have you checked out how many calories you should be eating on the BMI calculator? Here's the link as it will give you a calorie range :) nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw...

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Hey Yeah I have however I felt that 2630 cals a day was way too high and so I went to the doctor to get advice and he said that the BMI cal calculator is just a guidline. So I spoke to him in great length and we came up with a plan to try and stick to 1400 a day which is the daily allowance for women. He said that I need to obviously be careful but he is giving me support and its all being medically monitored which is good :) Also I can't say I struggled to stick to the 1400 cals and I didn't even feel tired or hungry once. I suppose its all down the foods you eat to make up the cal count.


Well done on a good first day, by far the most difficult!

I agree with Hidden though about checking your calorie target as 1322 seems very low especially with all the exercise 😕

But great planning and positivity, onwards and downwards Mary-Beth 😊 Why don't you join the Daily Diary and share today's meals with us too?


Well done


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