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Tomorrow Is The First Step

Tonight I am going to sit down and plan my week that will start tomorrow! From meals, exercise, water intake and daily tasking, the organisation starts tomorrow! The response I received from you all on my last post really gave me hope! You all showed me that I am not alone.

Today I went out shopping with the family after a Fathers Day breakfast and we ended up in TKmax. I hate shopping... I really dislike it unless its for someone else but shopping for myself is something that I find a true bore, at times even frustrating. The temperature today has been ridiculously hot and so the jeans and top I had dressed myself in this morning just became an uncomfortable soggy hell to walk in. I needed a sundress ASAP because I was turning into the Hulk in the clothes I was wearing in that heat.

ANYWAY I picked out a few maxi dresses all a size 20 to try on. I got into the changing rooms which were completely air-conditioned so the whole fitting room was bliss to be in until... I undressed myself. Now I undress everyday and see myself in a mirror on a daily basis but today was different. I couldn't believe that the body looking back at me was mine. I couldn't believe I had let my body become this deformed blob with lumps of fat in odd places. I quickly got dressed and left the fitting room and told my mum I simply didn't like the dresses... Which was a lie I couldn't bare to put the clothes on the body that I saw in that mirror.

I feel that it wasn't that long ago I was looking in the mirror and thought to myself, "you know what? You aint that bad" I can believe how much my form has changed in the last month or so. Anyway I told myself that I am not allowed to wallow about my experience and the body staring back at me. Instead I reminded myself that only I can make a change.

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Mary - Beth thanks for sharing your story...so I know I'm not alone! Report back how the planning goes. My twelve year old sat yesterday and planned my menus for a week, so I have a start on it, but without the same motivation to have done it myself. On the other hand I know I have someone watching the example I set and who wants me to be well. So we'll see how it goes! Try to keep cool tomorrow ☺


Wishing you great success traisee - your 12 year old loves you and is your number one fan, You can do it and when you see results, it will help your motivation. If your not doing this for you to begin with do it for them.. They need their mum x

Wishing you success 🎉🎉🎉


WE CAN DO THIS!!! Wish I had a 12 year old planning my meals how fun would those dinners be!! Wishing you the best of luck and thank you for taking the time to reply to my post <3


What a lovely supporter you have got there traisee enjoy your wonderful meals


So sorry for your experience, I remember going into a fitting room in TKMax with my sister.. for her to say with glee... "Wow, my little sisters got love handles". I'd always been the skinny one who ate everything without gaining weight growing up. But I learnt to comfort eat after my beautiful mum died - hence I got up to size 20 at the age of 40 and know what you mean with the reflection not being liked... I've moved on and glad you've chosen to too.

Well done for joining the forum and making your determination concrete... No going back, this is your time to give yourself some love and show yourself that you care to make you better, in shape, in mobility and most of all in mind x

Wishing you ironlike determination to see this through... For you. 🎉🎉🎉


Thank you for taking the time to reply! I am completely determined I think the key will be taking each week one day at a time :) <3


I find the more you join in and log into the forum the more you get out of it.

Have a lookie at today's daily diary and if you're able.. join in with your menu for today.

Have a nosey at the different challenges - they are not all food or exercise, some are recording your reasons for happiness, or some just for fun...

Your day one of the rest of your healthier lif, thinking of you.

Have a lovely Monday... It looks like another hot one 😎

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Good luck to you Mary-Beth, my name is George 56 and I don't like mirrors or my photo taken.

I just shop online as I don't like shopping either.

I do help with the shopping in the supermarket, but not if it is busy.

So hopefully you will get on well and turn things around for you.

I can only wish you success in your journey.

The Administrator staff are all super helpful and informative.

Good luck.

George 56


Thanks George! Yeah I am the same much prefer online shopping! I am determined to turn things around!


Good on you for taking yourself in hand. Do think one of the dresses could have been a lifesaver in this heat though. Have a look at daily diary to help with planning, you get fantastic ideas too.


That feeling of looking at yourself in the mirror and realising, with a shock, how you have to do something about it right now, is the one which galvanises a lot of us into action.

You will do well, I feel it in my bones!

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How is your planning going?

I managed to do most of​ my plan for this week, but still have few empty places to fill :P I know planning takes time, but it is worth it! Then, "just" stick to the plan ;)

Probably you've received loads of good tips. Few from me:

- check out NHS BMI calculator that will tell you your kcal allowence

- check TDEEcalculator.net, for the same reason, but incuding your activity level, and it'll show you your macro goals

- check C25K (couch to 5k NHS programme)

- try some youtube workouts - I like FitnessBlender, but there are few other good ones

- remember of rest days in workouts (or at least only with stretches or very light exercises)

- try Daily Diary in here

Remember to plan some relaxation time & doing nothing to unwind ;)

Then, just one step at a time, one day at a time ;)

Good luck, I'm off for some healthy grocery shopping (avoiding dangerous iles).


Hi Mary-Beth, I never thought anyone understood how I was feeling but you just put it into words! I'm 20 and need to lose around 2st. I have never been happy with my body but recently I looked at a picture of myself on my 18th birthday and was shocked at how slim I looked! I don't remember ever looking that good and even at the time I was not happy with myself. Since then I have put on a lot of weight and I can't stand to look in the mirror at myself now. Shopping is a big no go for me and while all my friends go shopping and buy lovely new clothes I refuse to join them and instead feel sorry for myself.

Good luck on your journey and I hope you all the best achieving your goals! You've inspired me to take a leaf out of your book and start planning all my meals too x

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