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Question about overnight oats

I know quite a few folks here make overnight oats and I'm wondering if it's worth me trying instead of the usual sachet (the plain one no sugar, I add my own fruit) that I microwave at work.

Are there any benefits regarding the GI score and satiety, and can you heat it up or would that negate any benefits? (Don't like cold breakfast even on a day like today!)

Thanks for any wisdom 😀

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Hi when i started this i never ate breakfast, but now i make overnight oats every night for the following day,i never feel hungrey until about 1 and its stopped me snacking. I use frozen fruit and natural yogert with 40grams of oats, put it in the fridge it lovely in morning, i have warmed it up and its really tasty, few minutes in micro. Good Luck.


Lovely, thanks!


Hi I have overnight oats every morning and like gaynor123 I never feel tempted to snack. I tend to have 40g oats/100 ml skimmed milk/teaspoon of honey. Pop it into the fridge and add fresh fruit eg banana or strawberries etc in the morning. Delicious. I don't count calories so haven't worked out the values. But it works for me.


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