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Comfort Eating

I've just had a few weeks of huge stress at work and, yesterday, diagnosis of a prolapse which means more gynae surgery (only a year since the last op, when I thought it was all sorted). I had two pieces of cake and a teacake yesterday. I'm going to make an effort to lift my mood without using food today, but it feels like a mountain to climb right now.

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Morning Lakeswimmer

Sorry to hear you need more surgery, hope they get it sorted for you this time.

Put yesterday behind you with the cake and start afresh today. Why not have a look at the Daily Diary you can find it on the Home page in Events. It is where members are sharing their own daily eating and exercise plans along with a few tips.

Have a good weekend.


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eating the wrong foods when suffering stress is never good for our positivity but saying that a bit of cake will never hurt you too much just be aware of how much.

Im sorry to hear works not been good I had a few months going through a lot of stress and have finally come out the other side. Good you can get things sorted gynae wise. I worked on a gynae ward for 12 years and I always said gynae ladies are the nicest bunch.

Be gentle and good to your self, take it slowly, try and choose foods that will help you just lift your mood and there are many ☺ get out and enjoy a small walk in some sunshine, always lifts my spirits.

take care and all the best


Thanks for your support ladies. I'm going to get off my backside now and go cherry picking with my daughter - I've been promising her for a couple of days but needed to get out of my self-pity first. :)


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