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Been a while so I thought I might post something about my favourite subject, comfort food. What a strange term. So the meaning of comfort in the dictionary is "the easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress" So lets keep that in mind while I set up the scenario.

You have had a bad day, things are not going your way, you are on a diet so to make yourself feel better you eat a whole bar of Cadburys whole nut you got from the pound shop. The bar is actually bigger than your head. So what do you feel?

Remorse, Shame, Deceit, Anger, Frustration, Loathing and you totally hate yourself for being so weak.

So where is the comfort in that? You feel ten times worse than before you ate the bar so not much alleviating of your feelings? You feel your diet is now gone forever and you are searching for another pound to buy another bar. I think we should stop calling it comfort food as it brings you no comfort whatsoever.

So lets get some suggestions for the new name for the term comfort food that better reflects the way it makes us feel. The best suggestion will win their own weight in chocolate....... no wait that can't be right. If I get enough suggestions I will let you in on some really great ways to get over stress and dealing with temptations. But please feel free to post your best stress busters and bad day munchie breakers.

Come on get suggesting.


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A nice long sleep or binge watching of a good thriller series!


Getting outside with the dog, nature always helps though it's nicest if it's sunny ! If it's a cold miserable day a warm bath with bubbles.


Suggesting "lead parachute food" as a more suitable term for comfort food. It simply makes the descent into distress faster and more dangerous.

Yet I deploy the parachute from time to time regardless.

The pure distraction and high of the first 10 seconds of eating seem to lure me in.

My best techniques for avoiding comfort food - switch to comfort drinks like camomile tea. It actually is so soothing and a nice little distraction. The twinings one with honey flavour is really nice.

I also think deep breathing to let the moment pass is a good idea. I'm doing it as we speak ugh.

Also.. I may have a new rule - im not ALLOWED to eat anything til the poopy feeling passes


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