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Feeling helpless

Hi everyone.

This is my 5th day of being on this forum. I know it's early on in my journey but I feel I've hit a real low point.

Yesterday I found out I have some sort of problem with my lungs - not sure what yet as I have to go for some more tests. This explains the breathlessness and dizzy spells I have had over the past 2 years that I had put down to being lazy and unfit! This news came as a big shock as I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and have no family history of any lung conditions. So I'm feeling quite worried and down about this.

I've been advised not to do any vigorous exercise for the time being and as I usually like to hit exercise hard and go for it with my workouts I'm now not sure what to do. Just climbing the stairs leaves me struggling for breath and I now realise this is down to my health problems, not just because I'm unfit :(

Anyway I'm loving reading all the helpful posts on here! Especially the daily diary, it has given me loads of ideas and inspiration! I'd love to take part in posting on the daily diary but I struggle to plan what I'm eating. I feel like this is limiting how well I can do as I spend so much time looking in my fridge and grabbing the quickest (certainly not the healthiest) meal I can find.

Any tips or advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Nadia well done for making it through the first 5 days.

I'm really sorry to hear about the problem you have with your lungs. I'm not being flippant but despite the shock factor, it is positive news that an existing condition has been recognised and that efforts are being made to identify the actual cause. Wishing you all the best.

A double whammy I guess, that you're being prevented from carrying out the vigorous exercise that you enjoy :(

I hope you won't let this setback define you and that you'll carry on with the positive steps you've already made. It sounds like you can still exercise within moderation and of course, if you're trying to lose weight, it won't effect that, though you may have to run the BMI calculator again to take into account your reduction in exercise.

As for planning your food, I found it difficult to plan my food for the next day. What I found is that planning the week ahead helped. That may sound harder than planning the next day, but when you go shopping, stock up on tasty, healthy food that you want to eat in the coming week. This makes planning each coming day a lot easier. Maybe whilst you're reading the DD, make a note of things that appeal to you and then shop for them for the week.

Additionally, my freezer has been gradually filling up with calorie counted portions of food that I've made. Even when I don't plan my evening meal, they are an easy go-to. That even includes my fruit crumbles that I make about 20 portions of at a time :) ... they're my main calorie counted treat :)

All the best, I hope it all works out for you.


Hope all goes well for you I no that feeling of not been able to do what you want to do I am waiting for a hip replacement so can not do must walking yes it his not easy to slim but the nhs weight app his good so good luck I am with you all the way

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Morning Hidden

Sorry to hear about the problem with your lungs. I hope they can get it sorted for you soon.

I can understand how hard it can be to exercise when you get breathless and dizzy, so why not just take your weight loss journey in stages starting with the eating side for now and slowly introduce exercise when you feel better.

It can be hard to get started on the healthy eating plan but once you get into it you will be glad you started it. Begin with planning all the healthy foods you like and add them to your shopping list so when you go to the fridge the food your grabbing will be within your calorie allowance. If you like reading the Daily Diary keep a log of some of the meals you like and use them as the start of your plan.

Hope this helps. Have a good day.


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Hey Nadia97,

Bummer about the Lungs, lets hope its nothing serious. If you do like exercise why not just try for some gentle low impact stuff? Workout with weights so no cardio, but just chose a light weight and go super slow without really pushing your CV. We do a revive class down the gym for the less fit and it is mostly on exercise machines with light weight, slow movements and high reps. Can also be done with free weights. Just avoid failure.

It might help you keep the fitness interest and stop you getting too breathless.

Thanks and the best of luck with the diagnosis.


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Take it a day at a time' try to plan out your food in advance and stick to it, fill up on vegetables and salad and allow yourself a treat whatever it may be but remember total your calories and add the treat into it. Plan in advance and stick to the plan. If you get hungry clean your teeth. Do eat the full allocated calories and rememberer to enjoy the food you are eating, try to see yourself in that new outfit ... Do everything in a healthy way though, your body needs nourishment not punishment, treat it and you kindly. Look on this period of giving your body a treat after all our bodies work very hard. A step at a time. I've two stone to lose and it's not going to go over night but remember each step you take each pound is a pound or ounce less than you were before and all adds up like a bank account !!! My date is Novemeber this year for my two stone loss so also plan a date you want to achieve your goal and their will be slips along the way but with a set date you always know you can get back on track. I've lost total of 11 pounds in 12 weeks but I've maintained the last month but slowly I'm getting back into to it but I know my further two stone to go will go as I've set my date which is Novemeber. I planned in this maintenance period then I'm going to get back into things and my aim is Novemeber 2017 to achieve my other two stone loss. I had nearly three stone to lose and I'm 56 years old.... Like you I've had a few health problems but you can do this.... Don't go too low on calories have your daily intake in total and enjoy this wonderful journey to giving your body a full treat of nourishment, hope this motivates YOU

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