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Not a good week

I have to pout. I'm afraid for Sunday's weigh in. I've been bad. Mostly because of my sprained foot, and then comfort food. My sprain is better so I may cycle down to rowing Saturday morning. But not crazy, if it's hurting I will stay. I'd rather heal then have a long term injury. I just have to do my best to stay focused.

Tonight and yesterday I've been walking. No excuse for fish and chips though and not a huge indulgement in crisps but had a bit.

Send me strenghth! LOL.

My whine is over now.

Best of luck to everyone. Hope your doing far better than me. :)

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Oh ShadowDee you have had such a lot on your plate, I'm sure things aren't as bad as you fear, all you can do it draw a line under it and move forwards 😀

I'm glad your foot is healing and good luck for Sunday's weigh in !


Hopefully it's all off your chest now. If fish and chips and some crisps is as bad as its got over a week then I wouldn't get too down on yourself.

Your foot is getting better and as you say, you need to make sure it's good in the long term but it won't be long now.

In case you're not doing it already... try drinking lots of water and making yourself busy when you get any snack attacks.

Good luck for Sunday.


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