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Comments on weight loss

abigettinghealthy5 stone

Evening all 😊

I've been working on losing weight since the start of this year. Now 2.5 stone lighter and 1-2 dress sizes down I've reached the stage where friends/colleagues are noticing and commenting. They're all very complimentary but someone mentioned it at work today and someone else said 'you can't say things like that!' and it took me by surprise.

From my point of view I am pleased that people notice and tell me; I am putting a lot of effort into it and whilst I see the perspective that people shouldn't think what you weigh/how you look is important, it clearly is to me or I would not be making the effort to change it!

I'm just curious how you all feel about people commenting on/complimenting your weight loss efforts? Do you find it helpful/encouraging or invasive?

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Excellent question. When I lost a lot and people didn't comment I was put out. But when I mentioned weight loss they were then happy to comment, saying they hadn't known whether I was ill or not.

I now work in mental health services. I have a colleague who is tiny (weight wise - normal height) and she has had issues around eating historically. She thinks it's really bad form to comment on weight because of the issues she has faced. For people like her, a comment that she is thin/skinny is reminiscent of unhappier times when eating really was problematic.

Like you, I don't get it. I want to look as though I've lost weight but chats with this colleague have opened my eyes to how different we all are and so such observations are probably best saved for close family and friends.

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PS congratulations on the weight loss. You must feel amazing! X


abigettinghealthy well done on your weigh loss that is great and two dress sizes down :)

Someone said to me last week 'You've loss weight' I was so pleased, but after reading Minty4 reply I can see how and why some people would be apprehensive saying anything - People that know you are trying either see you daily and so don't notice or don't see you often and will notice

Personally last week really gave me a boost :)

Anyone would feel amazing if he or she get commented on weight loss. It really feels nice and encouraging.


It's like when someone says "you look nice today" and I immediately think "so I don't normally look nice"??!! Lol 😂

Haha yes I always think that! 😂


Very interesting. It was not so long ago that saying "You look good, have you lost weight?" was completely uncontroversial. But "fat shaming" is such a hot topic now, some people are scared to touch on weight in conversation in any way whatsoever. I noticed this with people's comments about my own weight. 6 months ago I was 3 stone overweight, with this excess weight piling on over 10 years. My daughters pointed this out often, my mother occasionally but very few others. It didn't bother me to have it pointed out, but understand that it is a very painful subject for many others.

jopo3 stone

Take everything as a compliment abigettinghealthy Life is too short to worry about what other people think.

Congratulations on your amazing weight loss. 🎉🎉🎉

Like you abigettinghealthy I love it when people comment especially as I'm working hard to change my life. It makes me feel good and spurs me on to continue. I'm not doing this for other people but it's nice when people notice. My mum is a good measure she is always brutally honest lol and if she notices and comments I know I'm doing well lol. Well done on your weight loss already that's amazing. 😉

Hi abigettinghealthy On every subject there will be different opinions...

Congratulations on your weight loss and shrinkage!! Go Girl...

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020

Well done on your weight loss! I have had a number of comments these past couple of weeks which I think is mainly because I'm suddenly no longer bundled up in 3 or 4 jumpers!!! I have lost about the same as you, and all since November so over the winter months mostly. I do take it as a compliment, as that is how its meant when people say it to me, but I do also tend to play it down! I'm not even quite sure why - I've worked hard for it and I'm proud of myself. Having said that, when my hubbie notices I'm very chuffed! Its such a complicated subject isnt it!!

Yes I also find myself playing it down - I think it's partly because I'm just generally bad at taking compliments! Such a complicated topic.

Hidden1 stone

One of my colleagues who I see quite infrequently, asked me if I'd lost weight this week and I was really pleased. I'd assumed most people hadn't noticed, but I now wonder if they didn't want to say. I have to admit, I'm pleased that people can see a difference.

I love it when people do notice and I even had a couple of people in my local supermarket that work on the tills even comment about it. I do talk with them a bit as they have seen me have epileptic seizures and helped me some days when I used to go there a lot previously but I haven't seen them for a while because I have changed when I visit the store now most of the time.


I think it's tricky, someone I hadn't seen for years said I looked skinny ( at 5'4" and 10st 3, I'm not), I did tell her I'd lost quite a bit over the years.

A good opening comment is you look well, then followed by the weight loss, some may deem it ok, others not, depends on their outlook and health

I made a comment to two ladies this last week while waiting to pick up my lad from school, both had lost a good chunk of weight and both were very chuffed I had noticed. Was a bit put out when they didn't say the same about me though, should have mentioned spec savers!

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