Possible or impossible?

I'm going away September and want to shift a bit of weight before hand as we all do before holidays! Last minute surprise booking for my birthday so I've just recently found out and haven't had the chance to prep well before hence this post!

I'm 20, 5"4 and currently weigh 10st 12-11st roughly and I was hoping to possibly lose around a stone before hand even more would be great but a few people have said that anymore is not likely and will be difficult.

Opinions?? Thanks


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10 Replies

  • Hello Blightfoot123

    I hope you have had chance to have a good look around the forum and at the 12 week plan.

    None of us have a crystal ball and we cant foresee how much weight we can lose. I think if you find a way of eating that suits you, work in some exercise, and see how you get on. The BMI charts are only a guideline and it's very much how we feel in our own bodies, why don't you try to lose the stone and then see how you feel? I don't see any reason why you can lose as much as you feel happy with.

    Sorry to be so vague

  • 1 stone would be ideal, just was wondering if it was possible as people were saying itll take me longer to lose weight with me only being jus slightly 'overweight'

  • Hey, have you tried cutting calories? I'm new to all this but for the past few weeks I have cut my calorie intake to 1500 a day and I am managing to lose about 1lb a week. It's not an awful lot but it's a steady amount to lose when you have a few weeks left before your holiday.

    It's a lot easier than you think too, the first week was terrible feeling hungry all the time but by week two I was getting used to it and by week 3 I actually felt full after eating a low calorie meal.

    I should say I started at 12 stone I am 5"6 and I am currently down to 10 stone 13lbs. I started cutting calories exactly 7 weeks ago to this day.

  • yeah someone explained the whole calorie cutting process. I wanted to start back at the gym too and start going for a walk on a morning aswell in the hope that it would help shift some weight as well as cutting some calories.

    how do i keep on top of the calories though do i literally have to weigh out and check EVERYTHING i eat?


  • I don't weigh anything I just kind of judge how much I think everything is. I Google a lot. Most things will say half a tin = x amount of calories ect.

    It gets easier once you know what your looking for too. I buy weight watcher ready meals and asda healthy meals as they will say exactly how much is in each meal, that kept me right for the first couple of weeks. And if your like me and eat the same breakfast foods each day just write down how much calories are in each meal.

    Example.. I have two slice of toast with I can't believe it's not butter lighter which makes 228 calories then the same for lunch and dinner. If you keep note of it all it gets a lot easier. If I feel like I need a snack then I will have one if I am under the 1500 if not then I don't.

    Another tip I found is good don't drink your calories stick to water if possible. I have a diet coke (0 calories) and it seems to fill me up a bit too.

    Use fry light spray if you cook fried foods. I'm so used to it now I don't like to cook my food in oil. Also got myself a George foreman grill which takes all the fat out of foods.

  • Yeah i tend to drink a lot of water anyway i dont drink anything else unless i go out on a night out. Brilliant thanks so much :)!

  • Hi there, the simple answer is yes you can do it. But the advice from Anna61 is right. It may take you a few weeks to find a formula that works for you. To me I find that part of the fun, like a big science experiment with my body. There is loads of advice on here, so give it a go and what have you got to lose, except some weight of course! Please remember that cutting too many calories out is bad (yep I tried that with poor results) and planning is key (also tried spontaneous food choices again with poor results). Good luck with it. James

  • Everything is possible really if you just give it a try. Be determined enough in achieving your goal. Establish a diet plan and an exercise routine and then focus to it. Discipline yourself specially from foods that will just adds up to your weight and eliminate fatty and salty foods as well as sodas that will ruin your diet.

  • There are loads of calorie counting apps that you can use that have databases full of most foods and drinks in existence. Calorie counting really helps :)

  • A good app to use is MyFitnessPal and with this you can either put in the calorie details yourself or just scan the barcode by pressing the barcode looking tap on the right hand side on it. It is also a free app. I find it brilliant. Do make sure you check how many calories you should eat to lose weight by checking the NHS bmi calculator as it takes everything about you into consideration and tells you amounts you should eat in between to be able to safely lose weight. I ate less than this to start with and wasn't losing weight. It was turning the food I did eat into body fat because my body thought I was starving it so was storing the fat to keep it going. When I found this out and upped the calories to the right amount I started losing weight and have now lost 2st. Please make sure you don't make this same mistake. Good luck with your journey.

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