Grateful for any advice!

Grateful for any advice!

I got back off of holiday 3 days ago, the first thing I did was weighed myself.. I'm so nervous about my weight, last year I lost 5 stone, I put 7lbs on in the week I was away and all my friends and family say they can't see it! I can see it in myself that I've put it on, I'm honestly so upset about it and I really don't know how I lost all the weight before hand! I need someone who is kind enough to really help me out. Don't tell me what I need to do I need someone to literally send me a list of foods which are strictly no carbs and foods which are fat burning! Please, I am honestly so grateful for anything! I did weigh 12st 11lbs I now weigh 13st4lbs! I'm in pieces! Thank you in advance for any help! I just feel like I'm eating the wrong foods to lose it although I'm comfortable that I'm eating the right portion size. I want to get down to 12st that's been my goal for 2 years! Once i hit 12st11 it just seemed impossible to kick the 11lbs off! I wanna get rid of the belly! This photo was when I was 12st11, Thank you for any help! 😓 Email-


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  • Hi. Firstly well done for losing 5 stone! Secondly calm down!! You had a good holiday, you put on weight. It doesn't matter as you can just lose it again.

    As far as diet goes I eat eggs, meat, fish and fruit and veg. Yes there are carbs in the fruit but you need them for healthy lifestyle. I also eat milk in my tea and natural full fat yog. I don't do low fat as I am doing low carb.

    You know you can lose weight and you will. Focus positively and don't beat yourself over a week's holiday. You can lose that 7lb in a couple of week.

    Good luck, keep posting! 🤞

  • I know I need to calm down but it means so much to me and I won't stop caring so much until I reach my goal. Thank you so much for the advice!

  • I was like you last week had regained 1st but tried hard all week and now down 6lb in 6 days 8 more to go you can do it

  • jack99

    My man.....ways to lose that belly ? No magic pill !! Just keep tracking food on MFP and cut, bread, pasta, rice!!! Check out JamesSmithtraining He gives basic good advice!!!

    Belly fat can be shaken off with some input ✅

  • There is no such thing as fat burning foods, I'm afraid. But there are plenty of fat burning activities.

    Others have already said it: eat less, movemore, avoid starchy carbs and don't panic.

  • Honestly- your tummy doesn't look fat to me, I'm sure you can lose the 7lb quite quickly following the advise people have already given you, holiday weight usually goes away fast as some of it will be water weight from the starchier and saltier foods you likely ate while you were away. I'd say your tummy shape is partly due to posture, I'm trying to correct mine now at age 52 and it's difficult, I'd suggest you look into some core strength exercise while you're young! Get advice from someone who is trained though as you need to do it correctly for it be effective.

  • You don't look fat to me. I can only reiterate the advice given by the others. Especially the advice to calm down. 7 lbs after a holiday is far from unusual you know why it happened and you know from experience how to fix it. You will probably see a fair bit gone once you're back on track. Good luck

  • Thank you everyone, you've given me confidence and made me feel better! Honestly so appreciative of this site! ❤️

  • Wait a few days before weighing yourself. Holidays seem to do strange things to your body. I went away a few weeks ago did loads of walking didn't eat or drink too much and put on 3lbs. After a few days it all came off. I was told it was water retention.

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