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Is anyone out there using my fitness pal. Do you have difficulty keeping within the sugar range whilst still eating fruit/veg and milk.

I am finding i am going over nearly every day and it is always purely the above which is containing sugar. I am reluctant to cut down on that - especially with all the lovely summer fruits around - i do try to keep it reasonable but it is calculating 1 nectarine at 11g sugar - one banana at a whopping 19g (guess i knew they were high but they are so versatile and filling ie with porridge etc.) - Cherries at 1g per cherry. etc etc etc


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16 Replies

  • Fruit is very high in sugar, there is no getting away from that. Fruit sugars are not The Great Satan in the way that refined sugar is, but in caloric terms there's no denying them. Likewise if you are trying to be in ketosis, tons of fruit is not your friend.

    Veg on the other hand, crufierous veg particularly, is pretty low in sugars though.

  • Rignold do you aim for ketosis? i don't but it is something that interests me, just wondered.

  • I do cycles of keto, yes. Not all the time. I have found it very effective.

  • Hi OSCI,

    I'm on there and I have found that too. I think you have to look at what type of sugar it is as natural sugar is not as bad as refined but still needs to be kept in check. If anyone is on My Fitness Pal and wants to add me as a friend my user name is sleepy184. I'm struggling at the moment both with diet and mentally but happy to have any friends on there and hopefully we can help each other together

  • yay - that would be good - think i am separish1

  • only been on there for 3 days so still finding my way around. Hoping that entering food will become quicker once my basics are on there - at the mo it is taking ages

  • Yeh it does get easier the more you log. If you have a phone, try scanning the barcode of the food. That is brill

  • You might find this post helpful...

  • oh yea - just looked that up - very helpful. Thanks

  • You can absolutely decide not to cut down on fruit/veg and milk, you just need to be aware about the sugar in them. If you eat them with healthy fat and protein they are digested more slowly so less of a blood sugar spike, but they will still contain the same calories.

    Good luck

  • I have the same issue osci but feel that the vitamins and fibre etc make it balance out, it's still considerably less sugar than I used to consume.

  • I just ignore the sugar numbers so long as I know that I've stayed within my calorie allowance and know that the sugars have come from fruit etc. It works for me.

  • I'm the same, I just use MFP to log and keep track of my calories. I kind of try to keep the salt down, but I ignore the rest.

  • yea i think thats what i am going to do - so long as i know it is "healthy" sugar - if you know what i mean

  • Although they recommend that we have up to 10 pieces of fruit and veg, in reality that should be be no more than 3 pieces of fruit (berries are lowish sugars) and the rest should be vegetables. For diabetics to eat too much high sugar fruit will result in higher blood glucose levels so keeping to 2-3 max is better.

  • But if you're not diabetic ....

    I'm not suggesting that we should live entirely on mango, grapes and bananas but I think the anti fruit message is sometimes overstated.

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