Back to square one

Can't believe how five weeks ago, I looked at this website and had never felt so enthusiastic about any weight loss programme previously. But, here I am again!

My failure is down to not planning and the old comfort eating whether stressed or happy!

I also struggle still to consume 1800 calories. I find I'm eating for the sake of it.

I am going to start over yet again!

Any more tips welcome !


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9 Replies

  • Hi dazzle

    To help you stay on track why not post your daily plan on the Daily Diary it can make you acountable on what your eating and the other members are great for giving that extra bit of support and encourage you need to stay on track. You can fine the DD on the home page in Events next to the weigh in.


  • Yes. Just planning now! Thank you!

  • Hi Dazzle, I am in exactly the same situation as you as I joined the forum in May and was inspired by all the lovely replies with advice and support but it has taken me nearly 5 weeks to build up to starting my journey. Join the Sunday weigh in as I did today and plan your meals for the coming week. I hope you manage to get started. Like you I have been at this game a long time but am determined to succeed this time. We may take the scenic route but once we get there, there will be no going back. Good luck.


  • Thank you so much. I didn't know which way to turn today!

    I have just planned my meals for tomorrow and will post them this evening.

    Good luck to you! I will be very interested to know how your week goes.

  • Thank you and I yours.

  • Hi dazzle

    One thing I've learned, to eat all my calories is to get out of the habit of buying low fat "good foods" like hummus, natural yogurt, cream cheese.

    Yes, I have less of them but that helps me with portion control

    I don't use light oil spray much now, I use olive oil or rapeseed oil, I try to have a teaspoon or 2 every day

    I have trail mix to snack on as well, if I seem to have calories left in the evening

    Hope this helps😀

  • Thank you. That will help me increase my calorie intake.

  • Hi Dazzle

    The only failure would be not coming back to start again.. So well done for logging in to be encouraged to moved forwards..

    Wishing you great success and support through the ups and downs...

    Be loyal to you and your goals..

    🔐 We all hold the key to unlock what we are really capable of.. Just believe it, work at it and enjoy the progress.

    Join in with as many challenges as you can.. be more involved and allow the forum to work with your enthusiasm to move you to where you want to be.

    Looking forward to seeing your daily menu on the Daily Diary...

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thank you very much

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