12 weeks complete

12 weeks complete

Im delighted I joined here 12 weeks ago. Over that time Ive lost 11 pounds.Yes it would have been nice to have made it 12 for the 12 weeks or 14 for the stone but I am happy with 11. Apart from the 3 inches off my waist some of my shoes have started to slip off. My rings are also looser.I am still going to continue to loose some more but I will be happy with a pound a week and will stop and maintain if my face starts to go wrinkly but have a bit to go before that.


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  • Morning shengorth

    That is fantastic going losing 11lbs over the 12 week plan, well done you! Great to hear you are continuing, I am on the 2nd week of my 5th plan and with losing one pound a week it as mounted up to a 5st loss! So each one of those pound you lose are all adding up.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Wow that is fab and you have given me a lift I loved the motivation of the weekly e mails and was feeling a little sad at the thought of now Im on my own but NO I like the thought of week 1 of 2nd plan so Thank you Im off again on another 12 week plan You have done amazing and are bound to feel better for it Heres to another good week

  • I do feel amazingly better for it and can do some much more now. They are lots of us here doing the plan over and over until we reach our own goals so you are certainly not on your own.

    Have a lovely week 13/1.

  • Hi Shengorth what is Week one of 2nd Plan. I didn,t know there was a second plan.

  • Im just starting at week 1 again but calling the next 12 weeks plan 2. This is to keep me motivated as I wont be receiving the weekly motivational e mails. I will continue to weigh in on a Sunday.I could call it week 13 week or 14 or 15 etc but I am choosing to call it week 1 plan 2, week 2 plan 2, etc I hope you can understand my thinking. I hope you have a good week

  • Yes I like that idea. have just had 2 days off at a well known spa healthy eating place and am reallymotivated to do another 12 weeks. I will call mine week 1 Plan 2 now and post on Wednesday if I may from next week. Can I have a link please and will also post on maintainer

  • I don't have a link I can send you its just a case of starting week 1 again

  • I meant a kink for wednesday weigh-in

  • I don't know how to leave you the link but I went into the Healthy eating sectionon here and I found it in Events under pinnedposts on the R hand side I just play about until I get the bit I want I see Thursday's weigh in page is alreadyup in Health unblocked Sorry I can't help anymore

  • Thank you have noted will post next wednesday hopefully 1lb a week is good that is enough I think You have done well to stick to it.

  • That's amazing Rose, all that weight, very proud of you, it must make such a difference!

  • Hi Shengorth

    I know the feeling when you have finally made it. Well done.

    I have gained 3lbs from my goal in 3 months, it doesn't sound much but I feel I cant get back at the moment. I need some inspiration too as I find counting calories and time taken to record what I eat is too much. Have you had any good tips?

  • all I do feelgood 41 is plan my meals for the week.I dont count calories as that makes me feel Im on a diet and all I think about is food.I eat 3 healthy meals evenly spaced each day ensuring that they include some protein.This way I dont feel hungry for snacks but the fruit bowl is always full if I need to. I have cut out bread altogether as it was making me feel bloated. I buy crispbreads in Lidl which I sometimes have and I dont buy any sweet treats ie biscuits cakes chocolate as I have a sweet tooth and know I coulnt resist them if they were there.Im determined to get another 11 pounds off. A lot of it is in the mind and now my head is in the right place and Im motivated I hope you have a good week

  • Thak you this sounds as if I could do that, it makes good sense.

  • Wow yellowRose55 that's amazing.

  • Well done shengorth a pound a week (bar one) is great..

    You have proved that the effort is sooooo worth it ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

    Wishing you well to your goals.. Laughter lines can look good!!

  • Well done!!! I think that's great. I wouldn't worry too much about wrinkles, they will come with age anyway

  • That's fantastic well done you ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

    Good luck with week 1 plan 2. You are doing fantastic, 1lb a week is exactly the way to go ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜† xx

  • Well done!!!! I've no idea what week I'm on now...100 days today ๐Ÿ˜Š I do carry on writing everything down, the exercise, the calories, the weight...it helps me keep track every day, as I also miss the emails.

    Keep it up!!!!

  • Hi Gobbolino I must have a sad life but its chucking it down with rain here and hubby is away bowling so I counted my days and discovered its 54 days since I started.The word Diet makes me want to eat more so I look on it as healthy eating.Luckily I enjoy fruit so peaches and Nectarines will be as good a treat for me now as cake or biscuits. I now have a scone if I am out with friends but dont bother with the butter or jam as I feel theres enough fat in it already.I have also changed from a Cappacino to just filtered Coffee with milk It all add up Every little helps I hope you have another good week ahead Im looking forward to seeing a stone badge by my profile but it will be another few weeks x

  • Well done, that's such a good achievement, glad you are carrying on too, it obviously has made a difference!

  • Thank you Diana Its lovely to have my waistline back without having to wear good foundation garments. I would like another 11 off and then I think I will be happy to maintain like you

  • maintaining can be tricky, only today out on an early lunch did I limit myselff to one pack of butter to go with my cheese scone, and then I googled the cal count when home!!! I even only buy rolls of a set size, weird eh!

  • Hi shengorth. Snap! I was exactly the same. I completed the 12 week programme (2 weeks ago) and like you I lost 11 lbs during that time which was amazing. I decided to start the programme again by downloading week 1 again and now 14 weeks in I've lost 13 lbs and I'm over the moon about it.

  • Hi SukiV I aim to have lost a stone in another 2 weeks I like the idea of starting off at week 1 again and by the end of the next 12 week term I hope to have achieved my goal. I will know myself what that is when I reach it but another 11 pounds would be nice.Im finding an average of a pound a week suits me.Its a lovely feeling isnt it when you start to see the difference. I can now get dressed nice without feeling like a trussed up chicken having to wear tight under garments Yippee Onwards and downwards for the coming week

  • Congratulations Shengorth that's a brilliant result, and I love the quotation...it says it all!

    Good luck with your future weight loss.

  • Right peggysue1 Im going to try to get you really motivated and started.Ive been reading your profile and replies.I see someone wrote about de cluttering and I smiled because thats what got me started We had got a new hut I ordered new shelving units,I got rid of all the junk and got it all neat and tidy.That motivated me to do the same with the Garage so more units ordered and I must say what a difference to be able to walk in and see what I want in both hut and garage rather than getting bruise legs and arms moveing stuff.That cleared my head enough to start on me.My head was in the right place after thinking about needing to loose weight for ages. I only buy healthy food that I know I will eat and enjoy.I do bulk cooking of healthy meals and freeze for days when I dont feel like cooking. This saves waste also.I just dont buy biscuits cakes chocolate(I have a sweet tooth) if its not there I cant have it. I eat 3 decent healthy meals nicely spaced out so that keeps hunger at bay. I love my cuppas (Tetleys tea) which I still have but no treats with it.Theres lots of fruit in the fruit bowl. Come on get started Think about your weakness with food only you will know and take small steps to begin to make changes.You can do it and I will look forward to reading your progress Im now a follower of yours

  • Thanks shengorth and I appreciate your pep talk! โ˜บ๏ธ Like you I enjoy drinking tea and have just discovered Rooibos tea with peach. It tastes really super, and I can see that I'll be buying more of these tea bags before long.

    Have a good week.

  • Testing... does this show in your newsfeed now?

  • Yes Thank you

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