Brunch - Smoked salmon & scrambled egg

Brunch - Smoked salmon & scrambled egg

In my opinion :) cooking scrambled egg on the stove top is the only option to get them perfectly cooked.... Knob of butter, melt, add whisked eggs and draw in the cooked egg from the edge of a small frying pan to the centre. Remove from the heat slightly before the eggs are as firm as you would like them to be (as they'll carry on cooking in their own heat).

Add 100g of smoked salmon....

Brunch for 328 calories. It's going to keep me going until dinner tonight.

Dinner is mussels in a garlic butter sauce with stir fried savoy cabbage and plenty of freshly ground pepper. Might stir through a dollop of soured cream.... 371 calories in total with the cream.

Flat peach and an apricot for later. 43 calories.

With teas and coffees = 836 calories for the day. I was over for yesterday so need to claw some back :-)


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15 Replies

  • Mmmmm.......that looks delicious, as usual, Pineapple.

    I can't get the taste for mussels though, they're a bit like rubbery fish! :o

  • Yes, shell fish not for everyone! Very low in calories though.... Hubbie is having some freshly baked wholemeal bread to soak up his garlic butter sauce.... sigh. I am sure my stir fried cabbage will taste delicious though!

  • I wish I liked them! I know how you feel about the bread/cabbage quandary! :D

  • Especially as the bread is baking as I speak (bread machine). It's the SMELL more than anything that makes me crave it so much!

  • OMG! Torture!! :o

  • Just eaten some low carb bread that I found on the internet and I was most impressed. Ended up having a bacon sandwich for breakfast rather than the two poached eggs on the bread. Delicious!

    I love mussels. My brother in law always does them for me when we visit - my husband can't abide them!

  • Mmmmm...... bacon sandwich! :o

    Seems mussels are another Marmite, type food. Love 'em, or hate 'em! :)

  • Another good meal there pineapple 27 I will have to pinch that meal also. Today while out shopping I got sea bass so will be doing your way., one day this week. Thank you.

  • To me, sea bass is a bit like a good steak. Keep it simple. No need to add lots of flavours - enjoy the flavour of the fish!

    I have a lovely recipe for a green bean salad (eaten warm) - make a dressing of finely diced shallots, red wine vinegar, chopped capers, little olive oil, some Dijon mustard.....

    Few new potatoes et..... "voilà"!

  • Thanks I am learning more and getting better. I used to work 12 HR shifts at work so I left cooking to my ex husband. No no work for health and age . So learning more and enjoying more.

  • My hubbie and I are "retired" (I'm 54, he's 46) - both of us love cooking, finding inspiration for recipes on the Internet. We also enjoy gardening and grow a few fruit and veggies (beans, cauliflowers, tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, radish, parsnips, cabbage, herbs, courgettes, cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries). I feel very fortunate to be able to have time to enjoy life - to live for the moment and not to be continually rushing from one thing to the next. I do quite a lot of voluntary work and also sing in a Rock Choir once a week.

    Need to do more "formal" exercise but at the moment I'm having a hip problem investigated (more muscular/neurological rather than bone). Likely caused as a result of my impairment - I don't have a regular shaped skeleton and don't have hip joints - my femurs are attached to my pelvis with muscle, tendons, etc - no wonder I get pain! The consultant who saw my x-ray at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital was pretty impressed that I was able to walk! Got an MRI for my lower spine and hips planned for 11/07/17 and hopefully this will explain what's causing the pain and a route to getting rid of it!

  • Sounds tough Pineapple27 hope you can get some relief.

  • Love the idea of mussels with cabbage 😀 Will definitely add that to my menu next week 😀

    Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in a regular in our house too 😀 Yum yum

  • I'm going to post a picture of my meal this evening - slightly altered my plan! Worked REALLY well (I was surprised!) and poured the left over sauce from the mussels over the cabbage mixture so that I got to enjoy every last drop!

  • That looks lovely Pineapple27 and the mussels sound divine!

    I always stir in butter after I have taken my scrambled eggs off the cooker, stops them overcooking and makes them very creamy.

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