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Daily diary.... Friday 9th June

Daily diary.... Friday 9th June

Lovely day, catching up on some paper work and phone calls this morning, lunch at the pub with a friend.

Breakfast - 2 x tea and 1 x coffee

Lunch - at the pub: Spicy Vietnamese king prawn and rice noodle salad with peanuts, mint, coriander and a chilli and lime dressing. Very disappointing, didn't get any of those flavours, they'd added ten tons of pea shoots, Chinese leave and watermelon. Made it all rather bland and watery. No chilli in site. Couldn't taste coriander or chilli (I LOVE coriander) and most definitely NO peanuts.

Dinner - Sea bass fillet pan fried in olive oil with Jersey Royals and Mediterranean roasted vegetables, a flat peach and an apricot. Hope everyone else is making the most of the peaches and apricots at the moment - they are truly delicious!

Much nicer than my pub lunch and far more flavour!

Daily Calorie Quota1100

+ Exercise Calories 0

Total Calorie Quota1100

Calories Consumed832

Calories Left 268

Maintenance Calories1312

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Lovely dinner I love sea bass it is only the last year I have been eating it. Missed out for so many years but making up for it now I usually put it in oven with lemon and dill. Pan fried sounds lovely.

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It doesn't need long. We use a griddle pan, some olive oil and cook each side for 3 mins on skin side and 2 mins flesh side. Then a squeeze of lemon and small knob of butter. Before cooking, one fillet is only 100 calories (and fish is sooo good for you!)


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