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Starting over 😔

Well I was doing really well, then the last few weeks I've just given up and put on all the weight that I lost. I'm just really struggling this time and can't keep motivated. I feel under massive pressure to lose weight for my wedding but the stress of it upsets me which makes me want to eat. How can I stay motivated? My partner is naturally thin and can eat anything. He's not keen on salad or veg or so this makes it difficult around meal times. I just feel like a failure.

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Oh I feel for you Missvdub 😕 Until your head is in the right place weight loss will be difficult. I wish I knew the answer, but you have to really want it, more than anything, for it to work.

Have a read of some of the success stories and join Daily Diary to inspire you 😊

And gave a little faith, the 12 week plan does work.

Best wishes


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I found that setting a goal "date" (losing weight for an event) just didn't work for me. I had tried on and off for about 20 years to lose my excess weight.

Here's a post that might help you (see below). We need to think of this as a lifestyle change - those of us who easily put on weight are going to have to make changes to what we eat for life, especially if we are older, less mobile, etc.

I am certain you'll look amazing on your wedding day. Nothing will take that away from you! If you look at my chart in the link, you'll see that my journey has been a bumpy one. I got married in September 2013 (second marriage) and you'll see that my weight loss continued once the wedding was over. I'm now lighter than I was then (but have also put back on two of the stone I lost and then lost them again!)

What height are you? Us shorties cannot eat the same as those taller than us. I used to eat the same as my husband who is a whole foot taller than me. But also men do need more calories.....

It's difficult for you that your partner doesn't like the same foods, and I guess you feel that you're "missing out" when he eats the things that you'd enjoy but are too calorific. Ask him to support you by eating "treats" out of sight, and keep them somewhere out of sight in the kitchen.....

Not sure how long until your wedding, but losing weight does take a long time and is best done slowly... so that you can learn and adopt new eating habits.

Boring though it is, keeping a log of absolutely everything that you eat will help you to understand where the damage is done. If I've gone over on my calories for the week, I am not disappointed by a gain, as I know that I've not worked hard enough to achieve a loss.....



Thankyou, that is really helpful. I'm 5foot7 so fairly tall. I just need to think positively and change my attitude around food. Which is easier said than done. I really do need to come on here more to get motivation and inspiration.


I know how you feel huni, it's not easy but you can do it, I have tried and tried and I will not give up, you are in the right place here, lots of support when you feel like you can't do it and lots of people to help you keep motivated.

Keep a lookout for some helpful interesting recipes, read some of the success stories and keep determined.

We are all here for you

Kerry x

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Don't worry too much about the type of food that you do eat as the amount of calories you eat do matter the most. Just make sure that you are eating somewhere between the amount of calories it tells you to eat to be able to lose weight from the bmi calculator. If you don't eat enough calories your body thinks you are starving it and turns what you do eat into body fat instead. This weighs more than eating the extra calories would so means you don't lose weight and sometimes puts weight on. If you eat more than it says to lose weight you still won't lose weight either. Just keep an eye on this amount as you do lose weight because as your weight drops so does the amount of calories you should eat to lose weight. It doesn't matter how many in between the two amounts you eat as long as it is in between the two amounts it advises to lose weight. I used to make this mistake and since I found this information out and eaten the right amount I have now lost 2st. Good luck with your journey.

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