Steady progress

Last week I came back to the group after being away some time. I have weighed myself today and have lost another 2lb which brings me down to 17st 5lb. I have lost 24lbs this year and a total of 31lbs off my highest ever weight. Today I was out shopping and carrying two heavy bags and just for a second remembered how uncomfortable I used to feel when I was at my heaviest. I feel really motivated and even though I have had a lot of work related stress recently I have managed not to reach for the crisps and chocolate that I would have wanted previously. I think the change has come due to cooking from scratch, and reading labels and being very aware of what is in the food I eat. I want to fill my body with healthy foods not chemicals. I also have more control over my portions these days and eat only when I am hungry. I am pescatarian and try to have a healthy balanced diet. I write my food diary every night and record how many portions of fruit and veg I've had, exercise and also what kind of a day I have had. At the moment I feel motivated, long may it continue.


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12 Replies

  • Well done on the 2lb loss, it's fantastic that you feel so motivated and don't feel the need to eat chocolate or crisps. healthy eating is definitely the way to go, I've never felt so good, I've got energy.😆😆

    I tried the book weighing idea someone said on here, you weigh books equivalent to your weight loss and try carrying them, I couldn't believe how heavy they were, I really struggled to lift them 😱😢

    Keeping a diary is a wonderful idea, it will help keep you on track 😆 hope you continue to have successful and motivated weeks 💪🏆

    Good luck

    Kat xx

  • Thanks Kat, it is so nice to be on this site and be able to share ideas with like minded people. I keep wondering when my motivation will run out. But doing things like weighing books etc are all the little things that keep us going.


  • Brilliant good start

  • Yay well done on the 2lb loss - 2lb a week is a great amount to lose as lose it slow and it will stay off :) and for feeling motivated :)

    I lost and then my calories crept up and I maintained but didn't put on what I have lost - Have re-evaluated and looked through my diaries (MFP) and worked out the average calories I was eating when I was losing and now hopefully back on track :)

    Have you taken part in the Daily Diaries on here? It's a great place to see what others are eating and get / steal ideas :)

    Onwards and down wards

  • Haha Cracker onwards and downwards is the way to go. I haven't looked at Daily Diaries yet but I will do. Good luck on your journey. x

  • Thank you for posting this. It is encouraging to read about other people's successes. I am a pescetarian myself and battle work related stress, so your post really struck a chord with me.

    At the moment I am not writing a food diary as I am so tired of calorie counting, by just writing down what you have eaten in the evening to stay mindful of it is a good idea. I might take that up.

    Well done on your weight loss so far and good luck ahead!

  • Jolly well done! 2lbs loss after a break is proof positive that your new regime is working well. New habits have been strongly formed. The other great thing is 24lbs gone this year. Sustained and steady loss. You should be proud. Good luck fir onward progress.

  • Thanks Sheila long may the motivation continue.

  • Well done you to a good beginning ..

  • Thanks Peggysue together we can all support each other and get there in the end.

  • Well done on the weight loss Dipper you have done fantastic :)

    Good luck with the rest of your journey :)

  • Thanks Black beauty.

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