Don't know what/ how to eat while I'm away!

I am at a conference for 3days /2 nights and am really struggling. Yesterday: running late so no breakfast, picked a piece of fish with peppers and butter sauce at lunch, had 2 biscuits whilst waiting for hotel restaurant to open but then did the dreadful 'pizza and chips' purely because there was nothing else I fancied by the way they described it. The good side to it was that I no longer felt faint and was full, the down side (or maybe a good side) was that I really didn't enjoy it that much.

This morning I have had a breakfast :( I really don't like cereal or the whole parma ham side to breakfasts so I had 1 sausage, 1 bacon, some beans, scrambled egg (all fitting on a side plate, so not too much) and 1 wholemeal toast. I feel terrible for eating this, especially as all I wanted was a banana and yogurt but couldn't see any, just grapefruit, prunes and melon (not at all my taste buds).

Feeling at a loss, so disappointed that I have reverted back to old eating and feeling so bloated for it. Really don't want to ruin the 4lbs I lost at the Monday weigh-in!


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6 Replies

  • You are retsricted on what is available- the only thing I can suggest is to try and look for the healthiest options of what is available- avoid anything with a creamy sauce, the cooked breakfast is ok as long as you eat smaller portions for lunch & evening meal. If I am working a late shift I will have a cooked breakfast since there is not enough time to have breakfast and lunch before I have to leave for work but have lower calorie meals later. Hope you enjoy the conference

  • Did you ask if they had any fresh fruit or yogurts? Most hotels/B&B will cater for different diets.

    However, by the sound of it your portions were restrained which is a triumph 😊

  • To be honest I didn't think to ask - has been at least 10 yrs since I last stayed in a hotel so it's all rather strange to me. Will just be careful for the rest of the day as RG07 suggests, after all, it has been eaten now so can't change that! Can only look forward :)

  • I admire your restraint- when I am away I can happily eat- and do- the full English breakfast- muesli, toast & marmalade & a fried/grilled breakfast, so don't feel guilty. I missed reading you used a side plate rather than a dinner plate so you should be able to eat normally for the rest of the day but still try to work out which options have the least calories but that is guessing. You could look at the NHS 12 week plan week 7 since it covers eating out and gives some tips

  • I wouldn't beat yourself up over bacon, sausage and egg. That is a good protein based breakfast and a lot better than sugary cereals. Just steer clear of the biscuits and try to find some alternative to pizza and chips at lunchtime.

  • Agree with Rignold you made the healthiest choices with the breakfast options available. It's also tough when you get very hungry like the day before. The tips for week 7 are useful.

    Try to make the healthiest choices available and remember often they are preparing things in hotels or when you eat out so I have with success asked for no dressing/ no butter/ boiled rather than fried.

    Celebrate how mindful you are being and this will help you reach your goals.

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