Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

I have in the past wondered whether there is a connection between the health of our gut bacteria and our weight. Last week I saw program 'Doctor In the House (Series 2 Episode 3)'

In this program Kiki who is 11 years old is an active kid and has a reasonable diet but is becoming more and more obese. The Doctor eventually suggested that he changes his diet to improve his gut bacteria and the effect on his weight loss as well as his risk of diabetes was amazing!

Yesterday I saw a program that had a section comparing different foods that claim to improve gut bacteria. 'Food Unwrapped Summer Diet Special (Series 11 Episode 5).

In this program they did an experiment to see how well bacteria from different foods such as Kimchii, Sauerkraut, Probiotic drinks, Yoghurt survive going through acid in our stomach. The conclusion was that fat in Yoghurt was best at protecting the bacteria.

I avoid low fat dairy products anyway as they are generally high in sugar. So I will continue consuming moderate amounts of full fat Greek yoghurt as it is more filling, tastier and also helps with improving my gut bacteria.


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11 Replies

  • Those programmes were very interesting, SurreyMan and all insights into improving our health have to be a good thing.

    Yet another positive affirmation that fat isn't our enemy :)

  • Really interesting, I have noted the programme details and hope to see them on catch up.

    I have really slow gut motility so I'm always looking out for ways to improve my gut, maybe a bit of good fat is the answer 🤔


  • Yes - It seems that a good diet rich in fibre and pulses may also be helpful for improving gut bacteria health. The following article from BBC may be worth reading as there is a lot of misinformation regarding gut bacteria on the internet 🤔

  • This is really interesting as finding out that I was dairy intolerant was part of my weight loss journey. So it seems I'm lacking in lactase enzymes. But gut bacteria are part of the big picture too. Thanks for the links, will read through/watch :)

  • Yes, it's a very interesting subject and partly what prompted my 'Eat the Rainbow' challenge 😊

  • I'm made kimchi recently, just to get more veg into me. Too soon to say if it's improving my gut bacteria but it's tasty and curbs the appetite. I'm making more, it is so easy. It's a winner! I'm exploring other fermented foods, now. I'm on a promise to make updates. 🌸

  • What was the food the doctor asked the young boy to eat ? Apples and cinnamon but was there another ingredient ?

  • He was told to "eat the rainbow" of vegetables and fruit.

  • As Penel mentioned, Kiki was asked to follow the Rainbow diet by the Doctor. As part of this diet he was asked to eat two cooked apples with cinnamon every day. The cinnamon was meant to reduce the spike in blood sugar levels, I believe. He said it tasted pretty good, so this may be a good way to add healthy fruit to your diet with added benefit of digestible fibre.....

  • Thanks for that I wasn't sure if there was anything else. I eat plenty of veg but very little fruit so I might give it a go for a while see if it helps with bloating 👍🏻

  • Dr Michael Moseley (Blood Sugar diet man) has just released a book called The good guts diet.

    Quite interesting and he definitely says that all health is related to the gut. Did some very interesting experiments on himself.

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