Meal plan for Mon-Fri

Meal plan for Mon-Fri

I managed to plan few more days.

I need to work more on planning regarding kcal. So I want to add kcal per meal for my next week plan.

My daily allowance is not high, as I am small woman (5 feet) with sedentary job. I think my activity level is "Light exercise", at least for now.

2-3x per week 30min light jog-walk (C25K plan), 1x 30 min yoga at home. Hopefully more hikes in upcoming weekends ;)

Maintenance: 1,631kcal


Weight loss: 1,131kcal


For moderate exercise the numbers changes to 1,839* and 1,339*. So in both cases I am over my limit :(


Data according to, as NHS calculator showes recommended kcal only if your BMI>25 (mine is 23.1).

What do you think? Any tips / comments - more than welcome.



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9 Replies

  • What weight/BMI are you aiming for Iga, because as far as I'm concerned, you're in the right place now.

  • I'm aiming for 50kg, but I may need to change weight goal for fat %, as this is what concerns me more. Last time I checked I had 30.2%, but I have only home scale which is not very good in those kind of measurements.

  • Have you thought about introducing some strength exercises into your routine, to tone your body, rather than reduce it?

  • Yes, my yoga is quite a strength experience for mybcore and upper body ;) You know a lot of planks, down dogs, boats, etc. I will be doin more further in the running programme. I don't want to overload myself in the beginning.

  • The meals look quite sensible. If you want to increase cals, could you not simply increase portion sizes of your principal meals?

  • Maybe I didn't saybitbclearly: I want to decrease kcal consumption. Mon I ate 1,800kcal and yesterday 1,600kcal.

  • Ah sorry, I misread the adding kcal bit.

  • Great planning there!

  • Thank you :)

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