loosing inches than lbs... is this right?

Hey Everyone

I was mortified when I measured myself 5 weeks ago when starting this plan, I was 39 inches at the hips and thought this can't be right, I kept measuring and different ways but it was the SAME DIGITS... and weighed At 82.2kg.

Fast forward 5 weeks and I am 32 inches woohoooooo... again in disbelief has to measure a few times, and my clothes are looser too which is awesome but I have maintained 80kg last 2 weeks.

I feel much better too as i'm walking a lot more and increased my steps to 9000 as you know I have a fractured foot.

Any advice on how to get those lbs down too and get rid of the chicken wings under my arms????

Thank you so much.


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7 Replies

  • Go you, Mannikaur!! :)

    It may be that you're developing muscle and losing weight and pound for pound, muscle takes up less space, hence your shrinking size, but no change on the scales.

    I suspect that if you could walk 9,000 steps on your hands, your bingo wings would be history too, but as an alternative, you could try press-ups, weights, exercise bands, kettle bell swings, dips, etc :)

  • can you imagine??? walking in hands... that would be awesome...

    thanks for that.. hopefully will loose on scales this week

  • Wow mannikaur, that measurement change is awesome. You're clearly burning up cals to convert fat to muscle... the tape measure doesn't lie. Once your body catches up with all the new exercise, you'll see the weight drop as well.

    Don't be too bothered about it as you're clearly doing really well and becoming much healthier along the way :)

  • thank you so much but i cant see any #difference but clothes are fitting better n looser which is fab.

  • I am the same mannikaur ive been the same weight for months but I'm definitely 'smaller', clothes are fitting better and losing inches 😊

  • Hi Mannikaur..... that's brilliant! You are doing so well despite your fractured foot. Keep on the way you are going and you will soon loose those lbs. Have a super week...

    ps. the book is really interesting and have nearly finished it.

  • Hey Peggy Sue... slowly but surely but I im focusing on loosing on scales again - yes the book is brilliant after my current read I AM BADASS which is fantastic im going to re-read that book.

    Its brilliant.... glad you're enjoying it

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