I'm back!!

After a break from posting following our move to new house. I have crept up to 11 stone through eating cake mainly and drinking wine again!! Have found the move very hard and am missing old environment not house as this one is really lovely so think I am comfort eating as I haven't settled very well even though we only moved other side of town. we moved Dec 16th so I am hoping things will get better, but 11 st is bad news so will try again as I know it will only creep on more. Hope some of you are still there and going strong x


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13 Replies

  • Welcome back, stranger! :)

    It's lovely to see you again, but I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't settled yet and that the pounds have started to creep back on.

    You managed before, so I'm sure you'll do it again. Get yourself re-acquainted with the forum, because there have been a few changes and I hope we'll be seeing a lot of you :)

    All the best :)

  • Thankyou for encouragement have made the soup and am counting again!

  • Good for you! :)

  • Hi, it sounds likes its been quite a stressful time, moving home always is and then trying to settle into your new surroundings. Posting on here obviously means you are now ready to start looking after yourself properly again. You are nowhere near back where you started weight wise, you know how you lost the weight last time so, onwards and downwards, maintenance is so not easy!

  • Thanks for replying, maintaining is hard but as I know being heavier will mean my knee will hurt again plus all the other associated problems .11 stone was the trigger so hope to be back in the 10s tomorrow as 11 is psychologically bad news for me. Dancing today and orchestra rehearsal tonight so will be busy which always helps.

  • Sounds a fun day, enjoy and good luck with getting back into the 10's and taking the pressure off your knee.

  • Welcome back skinnylizzie - it's lovely to see you return!!! :-) I can imagine you're glad to have that move out of the way, and sorry to hear you've found it difficult to settle. Hopefully, as you say, things will get better, and it's great to have you back with us, so we can all spur each other on.

    Zest :-)

  • yes I agree it really helped me before and I think I stopped because we were so busy with the move and then I felt I had left it too long....

  • Hello and welcome back 😊 I'm still here

  • Hi there, how are you getting on .I have counted today and know I will struggle when I come in from orchestra at 9.15 so far had 1000 calories so it may be a bowl of my soup made earlier just to get me through before bed trying to keep to 1200 a day

  • Have a look at the Daily Diary, it's a great thread for keeping us accountable 😊

  • That looks good thanks

  • Hi...it's good that you have decided to return. Take it one day at a time and find something to do to take your mind off things..like going for a walk round your new neighbourhood especially now the "better" weather is here. Good luck and don't forget we are all here for you.

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