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Cheeky multi query


I should know this, but I am vastly overweight, yes I am, but should I go up to the recommended daily calorie allowance (2100) or is anytghing under ok? or is it the nearer to it the more weight loss?

Also did the couch to 5k week 1 day 1 today, but had to stop twice for a toilet stop (it appears to have a somewhat laxative affect on me) is that usual?? Do you know how to input the c25k data into my fitness pal?

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Hello Sunshineclay and well done on starting the c25k

I think MFP has the option to input exercise? I don't use it often and don't run so don't know how exactly but I'm sure some one will be along who does. I just put walking or cycling under the exercise section.

With regards to calories I would always eat the highest amount you can, did you get 2100 from the NHS BMI checker? That already allows for exercise levels rather than having to 'earn' them like you do on MFP. It is very important to eat enough calories, please don't be tempted to eat less. See the post 'calorie conundrum' in the Topics section for more information.


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The running & interesting side effect... It's your muscles flexing.. Think abdo self massage. It improves as your core muscles start working with the rest of you. Keep on running. Fab to hear you have the bug. 🏃🏃🏃....



I never used to eat the amount of calories advised to me through the bmi calculator I was always eating less. But I was told on here that this was why I wasn't losing weight because your body thinks that you are starving it so holds on to fat which weighs more than the extra calories does. This stops you from losing weight and sometimes you can put weight on. When I joined MyFitnessPal it told me to only eat 1200 Cals but bmi had told me to have somewhere between 1500-1800 (can't remember exact amounts). I have now lost weight by going by the bmi amounts but don't forget this does count in your exercise details in the questions. MFP doesn't. If you keep checking the BMI calculator after losing a few pounds the amounts do drop. Now I am only eating between 1300-1500ish amounts, because this has dropped as my weight has. Good luck.


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