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Down Down Down !!!

Good Morning to all you happy slimmers, This morning 2 lb down that makes 1st 2lb since I started counting 1500 cals a day on 13/2/17, I am in for the long haul 6stone more and Boy! will I be a happy bunny, have not got around to doing measurements as yet, but my clothes sure hang a lot better. Yesterday I ate:-

AM Porridge,6 black grapes,dsp Greek yogurt,1 Yakult.

PM Smoked haddock and mixed salad, sugar-free jelly, and dsp Greek yogurt.

Snacks 3 oatcakes

Hope you all have a lovely day ENJOY !!

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That's an excellent loss at lathe

Do you realise we have a group weigh-in thread you could join? Also a Daily Diary to add in your menu? Both are in the Events section to the right on the home page or right at the end after all the posts on a mobile 😊

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Wow you have done so well Lathe, very encouraging


Thanks so much Cat for your welcome encouragement it means a

lot xx


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