Another week... Newbie has said goodbye to another 1 1/2 lbs.... Gone! Ladies & gentleman.. Thank you! 🌸

Week 4, here I come. Everyone should be aware it's the support of all of you that's making the biggest difference. Advice, encouragement, non judgemental support. I'm sticking with it so much easier because you're sticking with me. Thanks and looking forward to walking the next week together. Everyone.. I give you.. Everyone! Tah dah! 🌸


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3 Replies

  • Great post to wake up to Grannybwell 😊 Very well done and thank you fir such a cheerful post this Monday morning 😊

    Ps I think you posted twice by mistake so I've taken the liberty of removing your second one! 😊

  • Cheers! I feel so empowered. It's working! 🌸 Thanks for tidying up after me. Sorry about that. So excited I got trigger happy. Must wear my glasses..

  • Love it!! That's my excuse too 😊

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