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A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 4 review

A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 4 review

Hi everyone,

Hope you had good weekend! I had a good mini break in Pitlochry with my family. It's good to get away from time to time, and it feels good to be back home:)

I lost 1kg this week, which bring me down to 56.7, yay!

I'm really happy about it, I mean, this is the second time I lost 1 kg in week (including my first 12 weeks weight loss journey), which may seem to be a normal amount of weight loss, but to me it's a big number.

So what have I done right?

I think two things have contributed to my success this week:

1. My fitness pal, which makes my calories counting much easier, therefore I'm able to stick it most of the time

2. I ate a lot of vegetables, which are fillings and I go through my day as usual, without feeling hungry (I take vegetable in my noodle soup, with some noodles and a lot of vegetable and some protein)

3. Stick to my 150 minutes moderate exercise.

As a result, I was able to enjoy a nice mini break, have nice meals without thinking about calories.

For this week, my target weight loss, is 0.7kg, an ode number I know. To me it's roughly the median between 0.5 and 1kg. I gave myself this target because I only have 5 days to achieve it (I didn't count calories this weekend, just wanted to enjoy the getaway).

Wish you all a good week!


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Love the quote happyhealthyjane 😊 Think I might pinch it 😊

Great weight loss too, very well done you

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