Last few weeks have been very difficult

Last few weeks have been very difficult

Hello all,

Haven't been around for a while, life certainly does suck sometimes.

Good news first😂 I got a new job, not loving it but it keeps me occupied.

We got a puppy, she is calledvMandy and joined us a week ago. Yesterday she was 8 weeks old ❤

Bad news: 😭 daughters court case didn't go as planned and will now go to the higher court. So that is another year of waiting. Daughter has temporarily moved back home with us😢

My dearest Uncle died last week after being told he had cancer the week before😭😭

What with all that going on I havent been eating much but the scales still dont seem to be moving. My job physically active means I am walking 15000 -20000 steps per day.

Anyway hope you are all well

Take care

Jan xx


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12 Replies

  • Sometimes life's a ***** isn't it so these are for you💐💐💐💐 I'm sure someone who knows much more than me will reply but are you sure you're eating enough. Bet you are putting yourself last, don't forget you need to be healthy to be strong for others.💖

  • Thank you and yes I probably havent been eating properly and I know I havent been taking care of myself either.

    These are all things I need to work on myself but always seem to push back.

  • Oh you have got a lot on your plate Janpes 😊 Remember to take care of yourself as well as others.

    And Mandy is gorgeous, she must bring you such joy 😊 You will get in even more steps once she is able to go for walks. Is she a cocker?

    Best wishes


  • She us a springer spaniel Anna. Our house has veen mussing something since our Molly passed 6 months ago. We finally got that something back❤

  • Sorry to hear that things are not as you would wish them to be.

    Take good care of yourself. The dog looks lovely I am sure she brings you great pleasure

  • Sorry you're having a difficult time, but good news about your job, is it part time so you can spend time with your adorable pup. If you haven't been eating much that can actually slow down weight loss as your body goes into starvation mode, so hopefully things will improve when your appetite returns.

  • Yep part time but have been working full hours almost all the time😂

  • Sorry for your troubles. Look after yourself and enjoy your adorable puppy.

  • Hi Jan, wondered how it was all going but didn't want to pressure you even more with quizzing.

    Have only just seen this, so sorry the court case is going to be dragged out, least your daughter is back and safe with you.

    I'm sure the new pup will help to lighten the mood and give great pleasure too

    Take it day by day. You know me it's still a journey whatever route you take. Chear up chicken.

    A big hug sent over to you. Glad you've posted, now you will get lots of support from these lovely guys

    Take care x🤗

  • Thanks Gem, been extremly tough the last month or so. We just seemed to be holding on and keeping it together.

    Mandy has brought a welcome change to our lives. A little joy in a somewhat difficult year.

    She is aleeping in my aema and snoring like mad right now, which makes me chuckle a lot


  • That sounds exactly what you needed. A lovely distraction x

  • Take care {{{{hug}}}} and a big woof to Mandy 🐾🐾xx


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