Not enough Calories

Quick question -

yesterday i know i did not have enough calories and today looks like being the same - despite having good meals planned.

I read that if you don't have enough calories your metabolism slows down - which means weight loss slows down.

Is it enough to just have the calories in a treat ie treat myself to an ice-cream this afternoon - or do the calories need to be in health food - with treats being over and above .


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21 Replies

  • I do have treats, but only as part of my calorie allowance, not sure what everyone else does xx

  • yea i had kind of assumed treats would need to be part of your allowance. I just dont feel right using up calories for the sake of using them up. I just wondered if i would be sabotaging my weight loss if i kind of sounds mixed up to have to eat more to weigh less?!!!..........if you catch my drift.

  • It does 😂😂 but if you go to low your body will panic and start storing fat reserves, I tend to keep within 100 of my allowance and have been known to eat a kitkat on occasion to make up the calories xx

  • It depends how far under you are, if it is under 100 then not a problem but any more than that then your weight loss will slow down or stop.

    I was only having between 500- 800 a day before I started and I am morbidly obese.

    I started eating healthily, 3 meals plus some days a couple of snacks and I lost 5.75 lb in the first 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps


  • I try to stick within the two numbers (1300-1600) and within that have up to 20% as, shall we call them, 'less nutritional foods' 😊

  • A calorie, isn't a calorie, osci. An ice-cream at 250 calories, will have a completely different effect on your body, than 250 calories of nuts. Sugary, high carb, processed foods, will spike an insulin response, which will turn off the fat burning switch and turn on the fat storage switch.

    If you're struggling to consume enough calories, then increase your intake of natural fats, in the form of olive oil, nuts, oily fish, avocado, butter, cream, etc.

  • Ok. That's interesting - i didn't know that. So I am guessing even having more pasta/bread etc would produce the same response?.........sorry to be slow!!

  • That's correct :)

  • Ok - I am going to have to get some nuts in then - I have always avoided them as being BAD. But if i need to top up calories i can throw a few into the salad mix this evening then!!

  • All of the things I've suggested are better for you than sugary, processed foods and are calorie dense, so won't bloat you, although they are satiating, so should stop the need to snack a lot. Throw some avocado into your salad too and drizzle some olive oil over it :)

  • I find nuts really filling too 😊 I buy the whitworths shots they have dried fruit and nuts and some have small pieces of yoghurt coated biscuits or tiny toffee chunks, I add them to fruit and yoghurt, some goodness as well as a little bad lol

  • I ended up adding some nuts and cheese to my tuna salad - really yummy but still only totally just under 1000 calories. However i added up my weightwatchers pro points (i used to do them) i have almost used up my points allowance. Very odd. I dont think i will get too worried tho as i am eating healthily. Not like before when i could go days eating nothing but chocolate!

  • Isn't 26 pro points 1200 calories? That's how I worked it out when doing it x

  • Is it. I was using the calorie counter on the nhs website and it seemed to only add up to 996 calories. You are probably right - it sounds about right!! Thanks

  • I have used Propoints and WW 123 for years as they are easy to remember and does not require maths all the time! For slow weight loss/maintenance, I found 29 Propoints worked for me, (I am just over 25 BMI). I have just switched to calorie counting last week to make it a bit more exciting and give me a boost start to get to BMI 24. I found that I was only eating about 900-1100 calories - so I think Propoints can work out less. But with Propoints most fruit and veg count as nil, which could be the difference?

  • Thanks for your responses - it is so helpful being able to ask others for what they do!!

  • I recently read an article about how loosing weight truly is about the number of calories not the types of food. The trainer in the article went on a junk food diet only eating 1400 calories a day. His friend ate a healthful 1400. They both lost the same amount of weight tho his friend had more energy and felt fuller. I found that super fascinating...hope it helps!

  • When I did weight watchers pro points I did this, I would just have what I wanted, junk ect as I could as long as it was in the points! I didn't keep the weight off and when I got to goal i continued to eat in this way just more so I gained weight again!

    Im trying to eat healthy foods now, I have been doing so since last oct, apart from being a bit slack since Jan due to being poorly but I have stidily lost weight each week but the reason I wanna eat healthy foods is so I get used to eating healthy foods and then I won't struggle to keep the weight off when I'm not trying to loose weight cause it will be a lifestyle change not a diet, and I'm still gonna have takeaway if we decide to 😊

  • That is really good advice - thankyou - training my habits to be healthy whilst i am trying to lose weight so that when i am down to goal (see that positive thinking there!!!) i am already back in the habit of healthy eating!!

  • I'm sure u will get to ur goal just fine 😊

  • I've read a good argument that on a lower calorie diet you have to ensure your body has the correct nutrients vitamins minerals and so on which is a bit more challenging when you are eating less. That's one good reason for eating healthy food to help get nutrition from your food.

    Your body isn't just loosing weight and allowing you to do your daily activity. Every day it builds muscle, fights infections and invadors, heals itself, processes toxins, grows new tissue looks after your complex hormonal balance and the chemicals in your brain. Mood, health, fitness, energy, happiness. Our bodies are amazing and yes have a treat if your calories allow but remember to treat your hardworking body with the things it needs.

    I've rememinded myself too.

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