Sorting stuff out

Well what a week, another bloating week, tho I did get through it without over eating or any treatments, now thankfully back to normal!

I finally went and got my badly infected toenail sorted, shaved and made prettier, prob off in late summer, now finally able to wear sandals, sounds mad, means a lot to me.

Am I odd, who knows, getting all the stuff done in my life and it feels good, if a little belatedly


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16 Replies

  • Glad to hear that you survived the annoying bloating, Diana, especially as tomorrow is weigh-in day for maintainers :)

    I don't think you're odd at all and I'm very pleased that you've got your horrid toenail sorted out and are finally able to wear sandals! That will make all the difference to you, in the hot weather :)

  • So kind moreless, I knew I had overeaten at times, not enough to cause a mega gain............................and knew what I was dealing with.

    Is it just me, or do smaller gains matter the more you've lost? 2lbs seems a much bigger deal than it used to!!

  • It's definitely not just you, Diana! If you have 5 stone to lose, 2lbs is a drop in the ocean, but if you only have 2lbs to lose, 2lbs is everything!!! :)

  • Glad to hear you have sorted your toenail it sounds very painful 😓

    And I never thought of 2 lbs in that light before (being everything) but I've still got at least 3 stone to go. It is strange how at different stages we have totally different views

    Have a fantastic week xx

  • The nail will prob regrow and have to come off, as they say when your body can deal with the extremities all is well elsewhere.

    I think the more you lose, the bigger the gains seem

  • Ooh no, I really don't envy you, I can't stand my feet being touched, just the thought 😓 poor you I can't imagine the pain 😢😢

    Maintaining does seem to be an exercise in balancing 😱 and yes I would be very upset if I gained more than 4 lb in a week now, holidays included xx

  • Well it's not painful, having the nail removed will, after too many years I'm ok with stuff

  • Not weird at all. I've been stressing about bruised toenails from the running, need to get nail polish or something so I don't terrify the world when I display my feet in my summer sandals. Then today I remembered I also have some summer shoes where the toes are a bit better covered. There's a solution to everything! But will still get some nail polish :) Hope your toe isn't too painful :)

  • It's not, if only it were bruising

  • Glad you are ok,sounds like you have been busy.

    Glad to hear from you.hope you have a good week .gary

  • I'm fine worked too much of the bank hol (tho I do get extra for it), how's you? How many lbs till you are done?

  • Hi Diana,

    Had a bad day at work yesterday,need to lose about 9lbs to be very happy.


  • Keep plodding on then, hope you have better days st work too

  • Thanks will do on both fronts .


  • Sorting out your toe nail is a clear accomplishment

    Chalk it up

    Keep building up your self worth

    You deserve to be healthier

    Why do we call it comfort food when it creates discomfort

    It is winter here Queens birthday

    Next week

  • We call comfort food, annoying when it creates discomfort

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