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First week

Hello all

Five days into my first week, and so far so good - I think 😏. I am on 1596 calories a day, but had 1900 on the first day - family get together. Still within my allowed range. I had less than 1596 Tues, Weds, Thurs but went out with friends last night and ended up with a total of 2400.

So, over the week I am actually only 211 calories over, with 2 days left to claw them back. Fingers crossed for weigh in on Sunday evening.

Just wondering if anyone else has experience of counting weekly - is it "cheating", and does it work?

Thanks x

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I don't have experience of counting weekly I do daily, but am sure someone will pop by soon and give their experience

Good luck clawing some of those calories back - I find it harder to stay within calories at the weekend - but the daily diaries and planning have really helped :)

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It's called 'calorie cycling' or 'flexible dieting' shirleygarrett and I do a similar thing, try to 'bank' a few calories Monday-Thursday for extras at the weekend. 😊

It works in theory, as long as the overal consumption balances out, but it may take a few weeks to get the numbers right for you 😊

Fingers crossed for your Sunday weigh-in 😊

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I need to work out what calorie intake I should be eating daily before I can do this - but that makes sense to me as I am always struggling to keep on track at the weekends, stick to food plan but something always tends to pop up


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