'Notifications' not working - Has been reported to the Support Team

The Notification 'number' next to the Bell symbol is showing when you have a notification but the drop down is not showing who the notification is from or about.

The support team have been notified but I've no idea when it may be seen or dealt with.

Thanks and keep smiling :) even though it's a pain in the posterior :)


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4 Replies

  • Please note I am trawling around for posts and replies but it is difficult so please bear with us if you do not get a response as soon as normal

  • Thanks for the public announcement :) to be honest I'm used to this - it seems to happen a lot! We just need to become telepathic then we won't need the notifications at all :)

  • Currently scrunching my face in a mind enhancing telepathic way but only getting strange looks from the dogs... ooo maybe they're telepathic :O

  • LOL 😂 been having trouble with mine to, but your dogs probably already knew that!

    Have a great day

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