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Weight fluctuation

I posted it also in Weigh-In post, but I wanted to have it on my wall to find it easily and quickly.

I also wanted to show and ask about your weight fluctuation experiences, as it was quite surprising for me. Those are my results of weighting every morning (almost first thing, just after shower, before breakfast or loo time), the measurements were done on the same scale, the same tile in the bathroom, without clothes, as I wanted to eliminate as many variables as I could. Here they are:

27/05 - 54.2 kg (8 stones 7.8 pounds)

28/05 - 54.4 kg (8 stones 7.9 pounds)

29/05 - 53.9 kg (8 stones 6.8 pounds)

30/05 - 53.0 kg (8 stones 4.9 pounds)

31/05 - 53.2 kg (8 stones 5.3 pounds)

01/06 - 54.0 kg (8 stones 7.1 pounds)

02/06 - 54.0 kg (8 stones 7.1 pounds)

Just a note: My goal is anything around 50 kg (7 stones 12 pounds). I have 153 cm (5 feet).

I am aware of water retention, influence of exercises, amount of food in bowels. However, it is quite shocking that within 1 week the difference was almost 1.5 kg (3 pounds) O_O

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My weight does exactly the same IgaT 😕 And I think it's fairly normal.

I have no idea if it's the scales or me. It is annoying when it's down and it's not weigh-in day then up when it is! You could either take the average of all the figures, or the last three, or try to only weigh once a week.



Hi Anna,

I know it's normal, but still I was expecting more around 0.5kg, not 1.5kg :P I hoped also that my post will comfort some of those in the beginning of the journey who weigh-in once a week and becomes sometimes discouraged by seein the number going up, or just persistently staying the same ;)

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Would you believe I am 300g down today?? Typical!!! Lol 😂

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Hi, lots of us fluctuate daily but if you had just weighed after a week you would have lost 0.7lb which is good as you only have around 9lbs to lose and it's always more difficult to lose the last few pounds!


Weight fluctuation is quite normal and it will continue even through maintenance. My weight varies by 2-3 lbs every week , and even as much as 5 lbs difference after a weekend of high carb or sodium .

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