Tuesdays weigh-in

Last week my microwave stopped working I had it for five months. So as the temperature began to rise and my kitchen faces south it was unbearably hot especially using the oven. So I resorted back to old habits of not eating all day, and when I do I constantly feel hungry. so by Friday I bought a pizza. The replacement microwave was delivered on Sunday so I was back on track. Monday I was out for nearly half the day at a bbq all I had was one hot dog and a drink and water thereafter. So yesterday when I stood on the scales I put on 2lbs. Not as bad as I thought it would have been. I am so glad that when my mood was low I did not open the packet of rich tea biscuits.

I was on the phone to a friend and we consoled each other on our losses he has no weight to lose, but said he will start to try and tone up he said we'll aim to look like Christiano Renaldo and I could aim for Beyoncé Knowles by next year. I haven't laughed that long and loud in ages. So while I am online I may as well find a picture of her and stick it on my fridge. (We can all but dream, as dreams do come true).


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11 Replies

  • As it says in the song, Fp :)

  • Love it😃

  • Me too !

  • That is a total pain! Don't think I could live without my microwave, it's just too useful. Funny how they don't seem to last as long though. My previous microwave was a hand-me-down from my grandparents (they won it in a raffle) via my aunt. I think the thing was around 30 years old when it finally kicked the bucket. It was so big that my aunt actually cooked her Thanksgiving turkey in it one year when her oven was broken. :P

    Glad you managed not to do too much damage for the duration and that you're able to get back on track now. :D

  • Same my old one was given to me second hand and I had it for 20 years. So I bought the same make. Phah!!! Load of rubbish

  • I read the title and then had to read your whole post as I couldn't work out why you needed a microwave to weigh in 😂😂😂😂

    Glad you have a new microwave and are back on track, laughter is very good for you, 😆😉

    Have a fantastic week xx

  • Thank you so much you too.

  • Hi my first microwave I got a free kettle with it which is why I thought bargain. It lasted at least 30 years too. Then I bought a cheap combi one which was rubbish. That went after about 4 years a few weeks ago and in a panic I rushed down town to get a new one.

    I hadn't thought it through properly as I went to Wilko's and couldn't lift it off the shelf so the assistant had to carry it for me. I was going to put it in a big bag and just drag it to the bus stop. Then I realised that wouldn't work, so the assistant shoved it on a trolley for me and said I would have to get a cab home. The driver lifted it into the cab for me then took it up my stairs bless him. All I had to do was drop the old one down and slide the new one up the side of the fridge nearly dropping it on route. It's a very nice one though and good looking.

    Next time I will order it online ;)

  • I feel for you I am disabled and my one sits on the fridge which is nearly taller then me. Well I nearly crippled myself getting it down. I needed a week bed rest. And if I was 20years younger and 8 stone lighter I'd have that delivery drivers' number. (Somebody stop me I'm dreaming again).

  • Oh dear! Well I am nowhere as bad as that but I would love to be 20 years younger as well! xx

  • Hi Fatpanther , you did well to only put on 2lb given the circumstances.

    My microwave is at least 20 years old too but they don't make them to last anymore as they weren't making enough profit.

    You were very good at the bbq, well done :)

    At least you are back on track now :)


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