Big outing on Saturday - how do I cope?

Hi all - looking to see how some of you approach this kind of situation.

On Saturday I am meeting 2 dear friends for a "posh" afternoon tea. Arranged ages ago and costing a shedload of money ... so of course I want to get my money's worth of all the gorgeous little sandwiches, scones, cakes etc.

How do people cope with this kind of situation? Should I just "blow out" on the afternoon tea and just have fruit/ veg for lunch and dinner? (I know, I know, unhealthy! But is only for one day ...) How many calories are in an average teeny finger sandwich/ scone/ cake anyway?


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19 Replies

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  • I would just go for it, enjoy it, be ultra good before and afterwards and choose a very different kind of get together in the future :)

  • Thank you moreless - we do usually meet for a meal, as we all travel to meet, and we are all very different people on different incomes so it's quite hard to find something that we will all "go" for. One of us in particular (not me!) is very refined.

    One time, my (other!) friend hosted a dinner made entirely of vegetable and fruit juice, prepared in her juicer. Complete with fragments of wooden spoon as some vital component of the machine was missing and she pushed the veg down a bit too much. A memorable evening - but I am in no rush to repeat it.

    I do love my friends!

  • You could always go to the theatre, or a posh picnic, Wimbledon, a game of croquet, a cricket match :)

    LOL! The wooden spoon saga reminds me of when I asked my hubby to liquidise my son's dinner for him, when he was first weaned! He did the same! Fortunately, I didn't feed him the splinters, I started again. If you want a job doing, do it yourself! :D

  • Wow, I like the sound of croquet!

    ... all these poor wooden spoons biting the dust ...!

  • Sounds like me!!! Lol πŸ˜‚ I once served a cake with the greasproof paper still attached πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • agree it, enjoy it, if you've worked hard rest of the time

  • I would agree about fruit/veggie breakfast/lunch to save carbs and calories, and then choose really nice things, eat slowly and savour the delight 😊😊😊 I'd guess 150-200 calories per sandwich/cake? Plus drinks? I stick to black tea if I'm eating cake so I have more calories for goodies 😊

  • Thanks Anna61 - that's helpful. I think I can avoid the egg mayo sandwiches and go for the roastbeef instead ... also I can take or leave cream so I will just embarrass my friends by scraping it off any cakes and not adding it to the scones. Thanks, you have helped me to think rather than panic!

  • Great plan 😊 Enjoy your afternoon 😊

  • Okay counterintuitive but... I would suggest having your normal filling breakfast... otherwise you might get to the tea and be so hungry you've got no self control. A sensible healthy dinner afterwards would do you no harm either. Just treat the tea as a sort of late lunch, maybe you'll end up 500 or so cals over for the day, but it takes 3,500 cals to gain a lb so it's alright just for one day. Have only what you really want, savour it all, enjoy the company, the environment, take breaks to chat rather than constantly eating. Please whatever you do enjoy it and don't spend the whole time worrying about it ruining your 'diet'. Remember we're developing long term healthy habits, and socialising is always going to be part of life :)

  • thanks Ruth_canal_runner that seems a very sensible approach. The tea is at 4 so I think I'll call it early dinner!

  • Okay maybe brunch at 11 beforehand, or normal breakfast and a light lunch. Another thing to consider is you might find your taste buds have naturally changed now and different things appeal to you on the day. And remember you've paid for the setting and the service as well as the food, so there are different ways you can feel you're getting your moneys worth :)

  • Agree with moreless just have the afternoon tea and compensate before and afterwards. One afternoon tea cannot undo all the good you have done.


  • oooooo I adore afternoon tea! Tiny crust-less sanwiches and enticing cakes, yum. Down girl lol! Sorry not helpful :-)

    But I would say enjoy and cut back on the other meals as already suggested x

  • I wouldn't be able to cut down a lot on any one particular day; if I were lunching out I think I would drop calories over the course of the week before so each day is slightly lower but not too bad. Enjoy, sounds yummy!

  • I agree with the others, eat something light but sustaining earlier In the day so you don't get there ravenous and eat everything in sight, then eat mindfully while you're there, eat slowly and really savour every bite so you can feel like you've had a real treat and your money's worth without overeating. Think of it as a maintain day, you're not going to gain weight from one tea, all you've done is delay your weight loss by one day. Hope you have a lovely time πŸ˜€

  • I would just enjoy it but maybe have a low calorie breakfast and evening meal to offset some of the extra calories form the afternoon tea. Try and pick the healthier options available- cakes without icing etc but otherwise enjoy a lovely meal with friends and catching up with the gossip

  • My experience of afternoon tea suggests that you won't want to eat anything else for the rest of the day. Breakfast, afternoon tea = large lunch,. ...... bedtime.

  • hi i went for an afternoon tea on thursday afternoon, it was a mothers day present, and like you was worried about going over, so i had a walk in the morning and instead of driving to the tea we walked there and back, i used this is my main meal and had a lighter lunch. Just enjoy yourself and cut down a bit the day before and after and increase exercise. I lost 2 pounds this week and was dreading it, enjoy....

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