Green gym but no running :(

Green gym but no running :(

Decided I can't do everything so my running has been put on the back boiler for a few weeks until I've got the garden sorted out. Am going all out to up my veggie production and consumption - you just can't have enough veggies! Yesterday, it was cloudy so I managed to work in the polytunnels so they are now all planted up, seven of the raised beds are planted and the window boxes are all packed with herbs, lettuce, beans and cucumbers (plus a few flowers).

Also, eating more eggs as all four of the new hens (seem roaming free in the back garden) are laying. One night a week it's an omelette and another it's a quiche and salad. There's a maintainer's weight-in coming up and I've not been on the scales since the last one - do hope there's not been an increase as I might have had one too many slices of quiche! Hope everyone is on track for a weight loss this week :)


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13 Replies

  • Your garden is absolutely beautiful Mochta, I wish I had your stamina!! It's much easier to run 5/6K's every day, than do what you've been doing! I take my hat off to you! :)

  • Thanks moreless I'm looking forward to getting back to running for a break! Can just about see the end of the (poly) tunnel. Going out now to crack on with bed number 8 - roll on number 10 and back to running!

  • You must be as skinny as a rake by now!! I shall be very interested to see your update on Sunday!! :)

  • Lovely photo Mochta 😊 Your garden is beautiful, and I love your hens 😊

    We are lucky we help out friends with theirs when they go away so we get fresh eggs from them 😊

  • Thanks Anna61 the hens are keeping themselves amused running after cherries as they fall from the trees. They are also plotting ways to get into the polytunnels and eat my strawberries but so far the fencing has kept them out although they have tried going both under and over it ;)

  • Lovely garden Mochta

    We want to see your veg patch :).

  • jopo thanks, if you use the link below and scroll down a bit you'll see what I'm working with - pictures are from the 11th of May when I had 3 beds done I've now got 7 planted up and off out to work on number 8. I have managed to get all three polytunnels planted up so that's one job done. I've still to plant up the three sisters in the long bed but I have all the plants in pots ready to go in - I just have to prepare the bed.

  • I'm jealous, your garden is amazing, Mochta!

    Now I, on the other hand, can kill just about anything (and have :P ).

    I would also say I wish I had that kind of space, but I'm not sure I'd want to have to spend the time taking care of it! ;)

  • In for cold dwink! VickyDLM you're right it comes with a the moment about eight hours a day but May is the craziest month plus even though I promise myself 'no more projects' I'm also starting more projects! The super duper bonus is for the past three years I've had a roost of long eared owls overwinter in the garden they are so used to me now that if I clap my hands they wing clap back.

  • Wow! long eared owls, how fabulous, you must be a very special gardener.

  • Fabulous calming photograph Mochta.

    I am just off to the allotment - the rain has been great, but the weeds like it too!

  • Ceals we had a wee drop last night the first in two weeks. Actually the hens themselves are quite calm - I've had hens before that were as mad as a box of frogs this group seem very sedate. Enjoy the allotment I hope the weeds have not gone mad ;)

  • Had such a good time at the allotment - just me and the birds!

    Picked a big trug full full of broad beans - now for the freezing!

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