Hello guys! We meet again :) Last time, I've posted about my progress in 6 weeks I joined NHS Weight Loss Programme which I've lost 5Kg. So, this time, I'm proudly done all the 12 weeks and I've lost a total 8Kg! From 62Kg, now I weighed 54Kg :D I'm so happyyy! :D It's not just I gained a loss in weight but I've also gained a good health :)

How I made it to success? The key is your intention and determination. If you've set a pure and good intention,you have a really strong determination to achieve your dream, nothing can stop you from the success you crave for all this time. I've also been through a lot. Yeah. A lot! Being underestimated at the start doesn't put me down but instead I became more and more determined to achieve what I dreamt to achieve. And now I've prove to all the people who underestimated me that I've proudly done it!

I managed to follow all advices and guides from NHS Weight Loss Programme. I've also experienced "pitfalls" within weeks but I managed to get back on track and I've also experienced "weight loss plateu" in the last 3 weeks of the programme. To be honest, the last 2 weeks was hell for me. My physical health drop (worst fever and headache) causing me to be in a really stressful condition and lost in motivation, I can't hold myself from temptation and craving because of PMS. I felt really worst because I didn't loss anymore weight. My weight maintained 54Kg for the last 3 weeks.

But then, I realised, I've lost 8Kg and managed to maintained my weight for 3 weeks. I told my own self, "Aliah don't you think that you're doing great?". Then, I became motivated again :) I've decided to continue this programme for 3/4 week to lost 4-5Kg more :)

For your information, I'm a Muslim and currently it is the holy month of Ramadhan. So, it is a lot easier to be in diet :) I purposely extend my diet because I want to celebrate a meaningful Eid (a celebration after a month of Ramadhan). It's like a reward for what I've achieved and what I've been through. And, for those who are still struggling, I pray for your success. Keep moving on!

Till we meet again. Thank you for reading :) And thank you NHS! :)


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12 Replies

  • Well done on your 8kg weight loss, aliahsjs, and thank you for sharing your journey and struggles. It sounds like it has not been easy at times, but you have kept going. That's very inspiring. Wishing you all the very best for the next part of your journey.

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations aliahsjs , very well done on your weight loss and your motivation! That's inspiring.

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Aliahsjs

    You have done brilliantly and it is all down to you finding your motivation. We need information and support on the journey but in the end success depends on motivation. Daisy1925

  • Yeah, success depends on our own determination :) Thank you :)

  • Very well done aliahsjs 😊 Excellent weight loss. Thank you for sharing with us, and I wish you further success 😊

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations aliahsjs!!! Thanks for sharing your journey

  • Thank you and you're welcome :)

  • So brilliant, and inspiring. Your numbers are exactly what I am, and where i'm hoping to get, which is so helpful as I've been making a bit of a mess of it! And so you remind me that it is possible if only I stick with it! Well done!

  • Thank you :) I hope you can make it through and achieve your set goal. All the best :)

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