Week 13 Too Comfortable

Has anyone got any TIPS please...

I'm getting to my usual stage. I've lost 11 pounds, given myself a few treats, new outfit etc and had a birthday, and a few days out plus a bit of illness here and there so I've let things slip a little. A few more calories than allowed on my plan for the last three weeks I've maintained. To be honest I'm happy I've maintained but hey I've still got 2 stone to get to my goal weight of 8 stone which I want to achieve by November 2018.

Any good tips that you have for anyone who's felt like myself... I need a kick start.

My weight loss came as a result of stopping drinking but I've now added a few drinks but instead of just when I go out at home again. I must get back on the fizzy water,

Ladies and Gentleman have you any tips to get me back on the straight and narrow again re me going over my calorie allowance which has exceed my limit of 1200 to around 1350 per day which is too much for me. I can't lose weight and I am just maintaining, Thanks All........


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12 Replies

  • Hi LittleLynne , You have been successful in losing 11pounds already, so you have it in you!!! It seems that you have pinpointed your "slips" and that is a great start! Just go back to where you started and try and remember why exactly you started your journey to lose the 2stone for Nov 18. I would suggest you join the Daily Diary group. This will help with the planning and also give you some ideas. I am sure that will help you get back on track again. Hope your have a great week and remember slowly but surely you will get to that goal :D

  • Thank you. Great tips.

  • Hard to lose weight with alcohol. Too many calories! There's no way round this. You're clearly very determined, judging from your progress so far, so I think you will do just fine :)

  • Thank you so true re the alcohol. I've cut down to one glass only if I'm out.

  • Hi LittleLynne

    How about doing a bit of exercise. Ask a Friend to go with you and meet every day.

    It will Help your Mind and stop you thinking about the Drink.

    Walking and Jogging are cheap and easy to do. And no Gym Fee.

    I have taken up Cycling and have Lost 3st 5lb and it help me to stay Focused.

    Plus I can have a few more Treats. But not every day and Maintain my weight.

    So come on, you can do it. Good Luck

    Kind regards Phil62

  • Thank you. Great tips. I didn't drink for weeks. I just do it if we are enjoying a bit of time together with my partner but I've stopped before and can again. I think the birthday celebrations started it all off.

  • My advice Lynne:

    1. Make sure you log onto the weigh-in, every week.

    2. Join the Daily Diary.

    3. Join all of our exercise challenges.

    I'm sure these things will help :)

  • Thank you. Great tips.

  • The problem is with the quality of what we eat and drink, not just the calories. Alcohol often results in the munchies due to disrupting blood glucose, hormones and appetite for example.

    It's good practice to maintain regularly, but by adding foods/drink that provide the nutrients we need like vitamins and minerals. Alcohol is a toxin that doesn't add anything useful.

  • So true. Thank you. I will actually keep this in mind. Great help and thanks.

  • Well maybe try new recipes, new foods, change around when you eat some of your larger meals, perhaps try 5:2 or 16:8 way of eating for a week or two. It's just an idea - but as someone else on here said, if you keep doing the same old same old, you'll get the same old result! Hang on in there anyway, LittleLynne.

  • Very true. I will make the changes. Good advice.

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