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Day 1!!!

Here goes......day one of my new lifestyle. This is not a new diet, but a new lifestyle. I've done all the gym classes etc and they all say it's 80% diet and 20% exercise. So why have I allowed my lack of time for exercise dictate my eating habits. I'm 18 stone 12 ounces today. I really hope I can start reducing my weight and get to my target of 16 stone (still technically overweight!!).

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I've just tagged you in the Tuesday weigh in.....good luck on your weight loss journey!💪


Hi Magunn and spot on about it being a lifestyle change. Couldn't agree with you more.

All the best.


HI Magunn, I didn't know about 80% diet and 20% exercise, so that's new to me. But I wanted to say I don't call my new eating techniques and 'diet', it a word my brain doesn't like. Also since its your first day, keep up the good work, it will get boring and depressing, and ur weight might go up then down too, I went up 4lb in my 2nd weigh in and then lost 2lb.

It's good your weight lost goal is small, don't put a time limit on it, just have a weekly goal, mine is to loose 1lb a week.

Just try not to jump into the deep end, slowly u will find your way. My new mandar chant is... 'I am not hungry, I am just bored' lol to stop myself going for that delicious chocolate..... oh and ice lolly is better than ice cream in this weather...

All the best xxxxx

Em xxxxxx

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Hello EmBear 😊 I hope you are enjoying the forum and having success in your weight loss journey 😊


Good luck!

I hope you've had chance for a good look around, please ask if you have any questions 😊


Diets dont work but a healthy new lifestyle will - you're absolutely right Magunn

A food diary is very helpful (you need to be really honest to yourself) write everything down and share with us if it helps.

I love your positive attitude. :)

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