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Tired and struggling

Does anyone have any advice of how to overcome the feeling of needing to eat associated with being tired? I am only on day 3 of the diet but know from past experience that I MASSIVELY overeat when the little darlings do insist I get out of bed at 4am. Really want to try and overcome this reoccurring problem and just worry that I will blow it today after a positive start

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don't blow it, think of all the good you've done so far! I know its hard with lack of sleep, I think its just the comfort of food and being in a trance like state sometimes makes me "mindlessly" eat. I think if we plan ahead as much as we can, make sure you know what you're having for your next day meals and allow for healthy snacks in between if you feel hungry. Is it things like chocolate you tend to eat? (i find a chocolate drink satisfied me, like options or highlights and its quite low calorie)

you've done so well so far so don't undo all your hard work! And do go to bed as early as you can. Definitely a good sleep does help! 😘


I will eat anything fatty, crisps and choc are the front runners, but bread and butter is also a killer. :( Thanks for support, reading these replies has kept me on the straight and narrow so far today! I must resist the crisps hubby put in the cupboard last night , my favourites too .....

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Keep lots of salads and fruits around you when you want to munch.

Drink a glass of water whenever you want to eat.

Don't resist - accept yourself - forgive yourself.

Also try mindful eating - it works wonders.. gaiam.com/blogs/discover/ze...

All the best :)

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I'm just into wk 3 and for me wk1 - day 3&4 were tough, too. I tried to not be disappointed with myself even though I didn't manage to keep my calorie limit on those days. I went to bed earlier and dropped in here when I woke. With the support I saw and found I was encouraged again. Every day is a new day. Hope you keep coming back and get inspired too 🌸


I will def keep coming back, just going to try my best and try to follow the advice of healthy snacking (even though I desperately want to eat the crisps in the cupboard!)

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That's the spirit. Just pausing a moment and making each choice the right one for you in just that moment. I'm learning this technique day by day, moment by moment from the lovely people here... And it is so empowering. Take care. 🌸

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Good morning rcut and very well done on realising that tiredness can be an eating trigger (stress and anxiety can also be triggers) 😊

As others have said it takes a few weeks to get really into the swing of things so have a little faith, it will get easier as the habits become more deeply ingrained. 😊

With regards to practical help, try to avoid low blood sugar by eating regularly. If you wake up hungry (as oppose to appetite) then I firmly believe in eating, as a wise lady pointed out to me (moreless) its not breaking a 'diet' it's nourishing your body 😊

Good luck 😊


Stay with it rcut you are changing a lifestyle and with the best will in the world you little treasures don't know or understand about it yet.

If chocolate is a go to for you try the Lindt. 99% bar. It is delicious, very satisfying, one square does or for me and it has a lovely mouthfeel.

Planning is definitely the best policy, plan snacks in but don't feel you have to eat them. Every hour that goes by you are an hour closer to following your healthy lifestyle.

Getting more healthy good in your body will help you deal with lack of sleep. I believe Vitamin D is also useful and not all of us get enough from the sunshine.

Take care and good luck


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