It was quite good day

My morning weighing showed pleasing number, just below 54kg (53.9kg). I know it is the same natural fluctuation that made me 'heavier' the day before, but it was very nice to see :)

My meals could've been better, but they weren't so bad.

Breakfast: half of bread roll with egg/mayo spread (leftovers)

Tea: pasta with small prawns, spinach, and a little of Greek yogurt. Very simple and very tasty :) I added only 2 spices to it: tumeric and chilli powder :D I recommend this quick meal.

Dinner: halbof bread roll with hummus, cheese, ham, a little lettuce, and gherkins.

Late snack: 2 prunes, a little nuts

Drinks: few peppermint teas (lost count), few watery juices (half of juice half water), some water, 2 green teas

Exeecises: 20min brisk walk with my dog, followed by 30min jog-walk (W1R2). Alhough I was quite sore after yesterday's yoga (I oberdid it a little) :P


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5 Replies

  • Well done, Iga, but if you posted this on the Daily diary, you'd get a lot more specific support :)

  • Thank yoi for tip moreless

    I thought Daily Diary is for planning, not recording, like I'm doind at the moment.

  • Some people put their menus and exercise plans in advance, others, after the event. You may find, that after a while of 'recording', you'll start to plan in advance, which really helps you to stay on track :)

  • I'm usually planning in advance (at least the main meal), as I'm doing shopping weekly.

    I posted on DD my planned menu for today. I hope I'll keep on track especially in the evening.

  • That's great! Good for you, Iga :)

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