Don't know how to post my weight, but hey ho, I put 2lb on this week. I think the pizza and bottle of prosecco I had on Saturday out with friends probably had something to do with it. Also whilst out walking my dog yesterday,I put my foot down a hole on the golf course and sprained my ankle. So, today no exercise for me. Hopefully I'll pick myself up for remainder of week, although it's my birthday on Thurs and I'm being taken out for lunch!


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  • healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    this is weigh in for tmro, do you weigh on a Monday normally?

    try to focus on why you want to lose weight? Everyone has their blips and celebrations are part of life, we just need to try to limit the damage😀

  • healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    just found the one for today if you want to join!

  • Hi Bingbong10429,

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday this week. Everyone should be alllowed to have something special for their birthdays to celebrate. Where do you plan to go out with your friends? Maybe, you can suggest to them a place you want to go and know you can have something with them.

    I'm sorry to hear that you sprained your ankle. Hope you feel better really soon!

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement, I'm going with my youngest son and his partner. It's a mystery trip, I only know it's in the countryside and I can take Alfie my little dog. Ankle still sore, but I'm going to try the golf course this morning, as both Alfie and I need the exercise.

  • Hi BB, you're a Monday weigher and have weighed in several times before. You won't be added to the stats this week, but you can weigh-in next week, stating that your loss/gain is for 2 weeks.

    The weigh-in can always be found in Events, to the right of the HOME page, right at the bottom, if using a mobile. You won't get access to it, using the HU app, you have to use the full website page.

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