Day 3 so far, soooo good

Hi everyone, its day 3 of my keeping track and I am glad to say I am still on track. I am so happy because today between 3pm and 5pm I was tempted to go buy crisps and chocolate, as well as cigarettes (for some reason this is my 4th day off cigarettes and I wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon - anyway that is for another forum!). So off I went to the shop feeling a tad miserable when I realized that I can actually have crisps and chocolate if I want them, just as long as I count them! So I decided that I would treat myself to my all time favourite - apple crumble and custard, YUM! - instead. Dangerous thinking! Very dangerous thinking!! The conversation that went on in my head was interesting - long story short I bought ice-cream and flake bars thinking I will treat myself tonight. Ended up making a lentil ragu with spaghetti for dinner and now I am so stuffed I can't move to the freezer for my treat!


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6 Replies

  • Well done, I'm on day 4. Had chocolate cravings this afternoon but had a 64 calorie peach yogurt and a coffee and the craving passed. Spaghetti Bol for tea, enjoyed it so much 😊

  • Glad you enjoyed your spag bol. I can't say the same for my lentil ragu :-( It was my first time cooking it. It wasn't the worst thing I have made but it definitely needs work to have me rushing back for more! Trouble is, I have 5 more portions to get through!!

  • Well done, a great choice 🎉

  • Well done, DD, you're doing really well! :)

    I gave up smoking at the same time as starting my weight loss journey too, so you feel free to mention the cigs here too, if you need to :)

  • Thanks moreless, much appreciated.

  • What a lovely experience and great result... Taking the "Can't have " out of your vocabulary surely makes loosing weight more alowable doesn't it!

    Cheering you on DD7005 🎉🎉🎉

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