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Lazy day

I literally don't want to do anything today. Well, in the morning I wanted to run, bit it's my rest day, so... no running.

I weight myself in the morning, just to see higher number than yesterday :( not much, just 54.4kg (comparing to 54.2kg). I know daily / weekly normal fluctuations plus different water retention could be the reason.

My day was not perfect.

Breakfast: half of a bread roll with egg spread - made of 5 eggs, a lot of chives, 1.5 spoonful o mayo, salt and pepper (of course I didn't eat all). I know mayo... But my partner hates the one with avocado, and it just has to be with mayo. Anyway, I added less than usual :)

Tea: pasta with chicken breasts, cauliflower, broccoli, and peas. Made it spicy (cayenne pepper, chilli flakea and chilli powder, and garham masala).

Snacks: 1 nectarine

Drinks: 1 green tea, 1 ginger lemon tea with a little honey, 1 black coffee (with sugar -1 flat teaspoon), 1 peppermint. Now bottle of water next to me.

Movement < 0. Laying in bed, now laying on blanket in backyard.

Happy mindfulness: reading a book and sunbathing.

Wishful thinking: I will do some yoga in backyard and eat healthy dinner.

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Hi IgaT

Sounds like your enjoying your rest day in the sunshine reading your book, don't blame you.

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Your food sounds fine - I don't see a problem with that? Eggs are healthy and there's nothing wrong with mayonnaise.... as long as you're not eating half a ton of it a day!

It's good to give yourself a day off - that's what Sundays should be like (in my view).


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