Bingo wings

Hi does anyone have any tips on toning bingo wings, I did the insanity DVD 2 years ago which I had lovely toned arms but since ganing weight they seem to have gone really baggy and losing weight again isn't helping, I'm currently on day 3 of insanity again but in 2 weeks when I go back to work I'm not gonna have the energy for it, does anyone have any short exercises they find really helps?


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    had a look on nhs and this came up.....worth a try?

  • Thankyou x

  • Thanks for sharing allycan I think I will try this myself.

  • Hi I do a yoga conditioning for weight loss DVD, I'm not sure what the move is called but you lay face down on the floor lift your chest a little off the floor while lifting ur arms and hold for about 10-15 seconds , not sure if I can mention the name of the DVD but it seems to be working, hope this helps

  • Oh I know what u mean I might try that one! I might actually look up ur DVD as I love yoga 😊

  • It is called yoga conditioning for weight loss by Suzanne Deason

    I love it not to hard no standing on one leg or head stands!

    I was doing everyday for 3 weeks and started to notice my legs were getting more toned, then I had a 2 week blip!

    Starting again now 😊

  • I have found one on eBay by this lady so I'm hopeful it's the correct one! I don't mind the standing on one leg but def not headstands! I really need something to tone my skin up and hopefully it will b relaxing at the same time 😊

  • It is 😊 it has a 15 min relaxation and cool down at the end which helps tone arms and lower stomach, I can't do standing on one leg wobble about everywhere 😊

    Hope you have the right one πŸ™‚ and enjoy it

  • I'm excited for it to arrive now 😊 it has a lady sat on the front with blue clothes on?

  • Mine has a blond lady in dark red, I'm gonna have a look , mines quite old they might have changed box

  • I did see that one on eBay it was the same lady who it was by x

  • Suzanne deason, does it say yoga conditioning for weight loss?

  • Just looked on amazon, looked at my past purchases and it shows her in blue sitting outdoors and mine which is white with her in red stretching, so I think they have new cover for it 😊

  • I just looked again and they both have the same write up 😊 excited to try

  • Yay πŸ˜€ I had never done yoga before I got this and love it

    Enjoy x

  • Congratulations πŸŽ‰ on the weight you've lost Already, that's amazing πŸ˜„

  • Thankyou 😊

  • Thank you for recommendation 😊

  • Hi clover2 😊

    That sounds like a good DVD, and you are allowed to recommend a resource, just not promote a product of your own making as that is spamming 😊

    Hope that's helpful?

    Anna 😊

  • Thank you, was worried I'd get told off!! 😊

  • The move you described is cobra. Very good for stretching as well as strength which is why I love yoga two effective workouts in one!

    Good luck getting started and thanks for the recommendation.

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hello. I presume when you say bingo wings you mean the back of your arm? In the trade we call this the Triceps muscle. I know I say this a lot but to see the tricep properly you will have to have a reasonably low body fat % and that only comes with diet. However when we talk about toning the triceps we have three main movements. Pressing down movement like a tricep Pressdown. This is really a gym exercise and very hard to recreate at home. The next two movements are overhead press or flat press and rear dips.

    So overhead press, Grab a weight (if you do not have hand weights or access to a gym a heavy tin of beans will do) Bring your arms directly up in the air like you are surrendering. If you have a heavy weight grab with two hands if you have a light weight put one in each hand. with your arms stiff and keeping your arms close by your ears at all times just bend at the elbow as low as you can go behind your head then contract the muscle and bring the arms up to their original surrender position. Rep out till the muscle fails. You can also do this lying down but these are called Skullcrushers for a good reason. Lay down put your arms up in the air so they are straight up from your chest. Then again keep the arms stiff and just bend at the elbows and bring the weight down to your forehead, contract and return to start position.

    Dip are easy to do at home. Sit on a firm chair like a dining room chair. Put your butt at the front of the chair, then put your hands as close as you can get to either side of your butt. Then with your legs bent push away from the chair so you are supported just by your hands and arms. Then drop your legs/butt down as low as you can go and again contract the triceps back to your start position. By bending your legs you don't put all your weight on your triceps muscle. As you get better you can straighten your legs more and more. When you are very good you can put your feet up on another chair and really feel the burn, you can also put a weight on your lap to increase the tension. Try and keep your butt as close to the chair as you can when you go down and contract the muscle as hard as you can.

    All these exercises will tone your arms up. Please remember especially when doing dips to take it easy and warm the arm and shoulders up before doing and start with a light weight and bent legs when doing dips.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thankyou that really helps, I have done the first exercise previously with my kettlebell but tbh I didn't quite know which part of the arm it helped tone, thankyou for the exercises, will give them a go

  • Thank you. I appreciate the time and effort of your answer! I'll definitely try this

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